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(Firewall, IPS, APT,DNS)

Network Security (Firewall, IPS, APT, DNS) Solution



  • You want to consolidate network security product into one solution.

  • You want to protect your network with behavioral-based machine learning technology.

  • You're looking for a micro-segmentation for virtualized data center.

Hillstone E-Series Next-Generation Firewall

Hillstone T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall

Hillstone S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS)

Hillstone I-Series Server Breach Detection System (sBDS)

Hillstone V-Series CloudEdge Virtual Next-Generation Firewall

Hillstone V-Series CloudHive Virtual Micro-Segmentation Solution

Hillstone Security Management

Hillstone Security Audit Base System

Wedge Advance Malware Blocker (APT)

WedgeAMB new.png

Wedge’s patented Cloud Network Defense™ platform is purpose-built to address the next generation of threats associated with mobility, cloud, social media and internet of things. It enables augmented capabilities of key security applications through technology designed to deliver security as a real-time, elastic, and transparent layer of the network fabric.


Reblaze Cloud Base WAF

Reblaze is a complete web security solution. The platform deploys in minutes, and can be tested as an additional layer of security on top of your existing solutions.

WEBROOT DNS Protection

Secure your DNS connection against cyberattacks, get total visibility into web usage, and enforce acceptable web usage policies to reduce security risk.

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