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SafeNet Trusted Access (STA)


Thales’s award-winning authentication service, SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) combines authentication and access management in a fully integrated cloud service. Our daily lives have changed considerably in the last decade. The ability to work whenever and wherever employees want, has driven a fundamental change in working practices. Ensuring secure and easy access to corporate resources from remote locations is imperative to achieving this goal.

SafeNet Trusted Access


▪ SafeNet Trusted Access Service (STA) is a dedicated access management product, leveraging our current cloud authentication platform.

▪ STA offers single sign-on secured by granular access policy enforcement.

▪ STA allows organizations to manage access to numerous cloud applications by –

  • validating identities

  • determining levels of trust

  • applying appropriate access controls each time the user accesses a cloud service A cloud-based service means you can get up and running within in a day Offer your employees a choice of tokenless authentication methods including Push OTP, SMS, or email Ensure secure access to VPNs, remote desktops, virtual environments and cloudbased services such as SFDC and O365


SafeNet Trusted Access Features


Supported Authentication Methods

• OTP Push

• OTP App

• OTP Hardware

• Pattern-based authentication

• Out-of-band via email and SMS text messages

• Password

• Kerberos

• PKI credentials

• Google Authenticator

• Passwordless authentication

• Biometric

• Voice

• 3rd party


Supporting cloud and web-based apps you use

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