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Thales SafeNet Crypto Command Center (HSM Management)

Meet Cryptography as a Service, courtesy of Crypto Command Center

It is common to deploy encryption for the protection of sensitive and personal information in order to meet compliance needs. The security level of any encryption solution often comes down to the security of the encryption keys. And storing the keys in special-purpose hardware, such as a hardware security module (HSM) is recommended by experts as a best practice

However, until now hardware encryption solutions have not provided the agility and flexibility needed in virtualized and cloud environments. Rolling out a virtual application that requires encryption, signed digital certificates, or other PKI functions can often add days or weeks to a project.



Enter Cryptography as a Service from Gemalto

Consolidate your enterprise key vaulting and PKI services by moving away from physical HSMs to virtualized HSMs, with SafeNet Crypto Command Center - the cloud's first high-assurance key vaulting solution. 

Likewise, Service Providers can add high-value key-vaulting and PKI services to their hosted and cloud offerings that allow them to administrate the HSMs but never access their customers’ keys.

How Crypto Command Center Works

Security administrators can create a centralized pool of high assurance cryptographic resources that can be provisioned out to the people and lines of business in their organization that need them.

Administrators set up crypto service templates with predefined HSM capabilities, which users can then leverage to provision services in a standardized and compliant manner. Crypto resources can be provisioned on demand for one to thousands of HSMs simultaneously. Additionally, administrators can monitor crypto resources, generate dynamic reports, and always be up to date on the status of their HSM appliances. Having a convenient, centralized view across the device pools provides visibility into the status and health of resources, and enables administrators to be proactive in dealing with challenges before they affect service level agreements.

With Thales Crypto Command Center you can benefit from:

  • Dramatic cost savings. Not only can your hardware requirements be reduced by as much as 95%, but Thales's automation processes saves hours of work for each cryptographic resource.

  • Simplified management and administration. Self-service and encryption templates mean that crypto expertise isn't required for crypto rollouts anymore.

  • Fewer security gaps. Centralized crypto expertise results in security and encryption policies that are enforced consistently across the enterprise.

  • Fast rollout. Now an enterprise can implement encryption in a new application in minutes, not hours.

  • Proven Solution. Built on the market leading Thales Luna Network HSMs which currently provide protection for over $1 trillion in daily financial transactions.

  • Improved Visibility. Through crypto resource reporting and monitoring.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Share resources and reduce costs with multi-tenancy and role separation.

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