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No storage and retention limits! SecureStore archives a copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Access your archive anytime to search and send stored mail.


Rapid search tools

Unlimited retention

Unlimited storage

World class support

Quickly search for email

Our intuitive tools make it a breeze to find the messages you need


Preserve Data

Archiving your conversations, contracts and other data makes all the difference

For businesses, there has never been more data to manage and preserve. Protecting critical business information isn't only prudent; in many cases, it's mandatory for legal and regulatory reasons.

  •  Quickly respond to audits & eDiscovery requests

  •  Recover lost and deleted files

  •  Protect intellectual property


Search and Discovery

With SecureStore, every message is saved, indexed and instantly searchable

Find exactly what you need, whenever you need it. Bring focus and clarity to your business with fast and accurate search that illuminates dark data and makes it actionable.

  •  Search millions of documents in seconds

  •  Make data accessible and actionable

  •  Quickly respond to audits/discovery requests


Maintain Compliance

Regulated by PCI, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX? You're covered.

Business data (and laws regulating it) are continually expanding. While the number and type of regulations vary by industry, nearly every business is required to maintain a complete and easy-to-access archive of ESI, to comply with government mandates, industry regulations and corporate policies.

  • Address government mandates and industry regulations

  •  Easy retrieval of electronically stored information (ESI)

  •  Eliminate risk to the enterprise

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