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SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall VPN

The SecPoint Protector is a UTM (Unified Threat Management)

appliance designed to protect your whole network in every way possible.

Next Generation Firewall Cyber Security

  •  No Data Collection Full Privacy

  •  Automatically block 600+ million bad IPs

  •  MS Active Directory User Sync

  • Anti Spam Quarantine Web Filter Groups

  •  Blocks Ransomware / Malware / Trojans / Spam Bots

  •  User Friendly GUI Web Interface

  •  24/7 Fast Support, Ticket System, Live Chat

Secure & protect your network from remote and local attacks.
With the Protector UTM VPN Firewall you can protect your entire network with State of the art Next Generation Firewall, VPN with IPsec,

The Protector Cyber Security Solution features the best Anti Spam with less false positives.

Protector solves your entire network's spam and security problems with just one appliance!

The Advanced Anti Spam allows full scanning of the mails. Scanning both incoming and outgoing direction. Easy quarantine user management for individual users.

High Powerful 64 Bit Multi Core architecture.

Optimize and prioritize your traffic with the Bandwidth Management module.
Best Anti Virus Scanning with multiple engines for most comprehensive scanning. Web Proxy and Web Filtering.

Best Cyber Security Protection for the entire network.
Easy Graphics User Interface GUI and live chat support is included.
No backdoors - No information collection - All data stored at customer location.
Every day 24/7 Live Chat Support.


Complete Network Protection

  •  2FA Two Factor Authentication Login

  •  High Speed IPS Intrusion Prevention System

  •  Enable up to 3x Anti Virus Engines

  •  Advanced Anti Spam with Authentication Support

  •  14 Languages in the anti-spam Warning Emails

Strong UTM Firewall Appliance

  •  VPN IPsec & SSLVPN

  •  1U Rack or Virtual ESXi, Hyper-V, Linux Images

  •  Blocks Denial of Service Attacks

  •  No limit email domains to protect

  •  Easily Block Entire Countries

  •  Alert Center Easily get notified about network incidents

More Features List

  • Complete Cyber Security

  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

  • Multiple Anti Virus engines: ESET, ClamAV, Kaspersky.

  • Spam scanning based on the whole mail content.

  • advanced RBL management

  • Grey Listing technology

  • Web Filter & Caching Proxy

  • Content Filter to block P2P, VoIP, Games etc.

  • IPS - Intrusion Prevention System

  • Internet Filter HTTP Web Proxy

  • SaaS Software as a Service

  • Cloud UTM Unified Threat

  • Anti Spam Daily Quarantine

  • Full mail archive functionality to store all incoming and outgoing mails

  • Multi User quarantine. Users can login individually to quarantine

  • By-user anti-spam score tuning

  • 2FA Two Factor Authentication compatible with Google Authenticator

  • Traffic Shaping with traffic prioritization capability

  • Archive incoming mails

  • Firewall

  • Time Based Web Filter

  • VPN tunneling, IPsec, PPTP, SSL VPN

  • Wifi Defender

  • Incoming & Outgoing Scanning

  • Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP support for Web Filter and anti spam quarantine

  • High Availability- Master - Client support

  • Vulnerability Scanner

  • Alert Gauges with Notification Triggers. Customizable with Alert Center

  • System Status

  • Firmware Update


Key Protector UTM Firewall Features and Facts

  • The Protector is an all-in-one solution, with a high number of features at a single price.

  • Made in Denmark - Secure Design

  • The Protector is actively developed, with an eye to the customers' direct requirements.

  • We do new big software updates, also built on some customers' requirements.

  • Nobody of bigger competitors develop the customers' specific requirements on projects.

  • IPS Intrusion Prevention Module can block SCADA and other services attacks.

  • No software limits for performance or locking of VPN tunnels. Only limited to Hardware specs and on virtual to CPUs.

  • Cost effective. All modules are included at 1 cost, with support and updates.

  • All Data is only at customer site - No Data collected. No backdoors.

  • Fast deployment with setup wizard guides.

  • Blocks both local and external threats.

  • It comes with advanced Anti Virus, Anti Spam. Web Filtering with grouping policy.

  • Full Microsoft Active Directory LDAP Integration. Next Generation Firewall with VPN.

  • Advanced Content filter.

  • The Web Filter can block Social Media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) based on site name.

  • Easy to install as an appliance solution or you can deploy as a Virtual software version.

  • 64 Bit system architecture for Appliance and Virtual version.

  • Full mail Archive: stores all incoming and outgoing mails on the hard drive.


Detailed Features

Email Threat Protection

The Protector is a Unified Threat Management solution with a multi-featured email threat protection. It can stop viruses, Trojans, Spyware and other Malware. Integrated with ESET and Kaspersky Anti-Virus engines, SecPoint provide best Virus Protection.

On Board Mail Server

The Protector comes with fully loaded email server, so you can save cost for local mail server. IMAP / Webmail / POP3 support - Multi layer Email Protection.
Deploy the Protector UTM Firewall as a Microsoft Hyper-V 2.0 or 3.0 Image. Works for Hyper-V 2008 and earlier. Also works on Hyper-V 2012 R2 and newer.
Protector Firewall includes SSL VPN with IPsec 0 3des-md5 and Client to LAN VPN with PPTP, L2TP IPsec/
Integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

Anti Spam

With Advanced Anti Spam you get state of the art with full scanning. You can easily release mails from quarantine, see the content of the mails.

Captive Portal

SecPoint is working in partnership with WifiGem to offer the WifiGem Captive Portal as an add-on to the SecPoint Protector. With WifiGem you can easily create your own Guest Network using one of the available network schemes, and use the Protector to filter and prioritize Internet traffic from devices connected to the WifiGem Captive Portal. 

  • Pre-authorized accounts or Social Media login

  • Account validity based on expiry date/time/downloads

  • Redirect after login

  • Multiple devices connected

  • Automatic logout after timeout

  • All parameters customizable

  • Transparent or non-transparent proxy mode

  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols supported

  • Usage statistics

  • Compatible with the Web Filter

High Availability

Automatic heartbeat synchronization for High Availability.
Connect more Protector units together for maximum stability and security.
If one unit fails the other unit can automatically take over as master unit.

Anti Virus

Multiple Anti Virus Scanning Vendors Running
See the video of the Protector UTM Appliance - 3 Anti Virus engines Scanners running at once.
Scan your mails with Kaspersky, ESET and ClamAV.
Get the best Ant Virus scanning for incoming and outgoing mail
ESET, Kaspersky are rated in the top of commercial Anti Virus vendors. When combining with the best Open Source Anti Virus Vendor ClamAV it gives the customer the best overall security scanning for virus.
You can enable all 3 scanning vendors at the same time to make sure all your emails both incoming and outgoing get cleaned for any virus, malware, spyware or worms. It is recommended to run with all 3 vendors enabled at the same time.
It is easy to enable all 3x anti virus scanners at the same time: upload the license keys or type the key code.Once it has been activated it just requires few clicks to enable.
The Anti Virus scanning will happen automatically.
You can also just run with the open source ClamAV if you do not want the extra cost for the commercial Anti Virus vendors.

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