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Our Enterprise Data & Network Encryption Solutions


 Vulnerability Assessment / Security Training

MailProtector Bracket (eMail Encrypiton)​

User-friendly encrypted email with no plugins or apps. Simply wrap brackets around the subject in any email client and Bracket handles the rest.

Partner with MailprotectorSign up free in under 2 minutes

SafeNet KeySecure from Gemalto is the industry’s leading centralized key management platform, and is available as a hardware appliance or hardened virtual security appliance. By utilizing SafeNet KeySecure, organizations benefit from its flexible options for secure and centralized key management – deployed in physical, virtualized infrastructure, and public cloud environments.

Only Gemalto can deliver key management appliances across FIPS-validated hardware or a virtual appliance with a hardware root of trust using SafeNet Hardware Security Modules or Amazon Cloud HSM service.

Thales Safenet ProtectDB (DataBase Encryption)

SafeNet ProtectDB provides transparent column-level encryption of structured, sensitive data residing in databases. Customers use our database encryption solution to protect credit card numbers, social security numbers, national ID numbers, passwords, account numbers and balances, email addresses, and more. 

Thales Safenet ProtectFile (File Level Encryption)

SafeNet ProtectFile provides transparent and automated file-system level encryption of sensitive data in the distributed enterprise, including Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), and Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers using CIFS/NFS file sharing protocols.

Thales Safenet ProtectV (Virtualization Encryption)

The industry's first comprehensive cloud data protection solution, SafeNet ProtectV enables organizations to securely migrate to the cloud, encrypt entire virtual machine instances and attached storage, control access to data in the cloud, and address industry security standards and regulations.

Thales Safenet ProtectApp (Application Encryption)

SafeNet ProtectApp provides an interface for key management operations, as well as application-level encryption of sensitive data. Once deployed, data is kept secure across its entire lifecycle, no matter where it is transferred, backed up, or copied. 

Using Safenet ProtectApp APIs, both structured and unstructured data can be secured in multi-vendor application server infrastructures. SafeNet ProtectApp's application-level encryption can be deployed across on-premises, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Thales High Speed Network Encryption 

Networks are under constant attack and sensitive assets continue
to be exposed. More than ever, leveraging encryption is a vital
mandate for addressing threats to data as it crosses networks.
Thales High Speed Encryption solutions provide customers with
a single platform to ‘encrypt everywhere’— from network traffic
between data centers and the headquarters to backup and
disaster recovery sites, whether on premises or in the cloud. 

Thales Safenet KeySecure Kylo (Encryption Key Manager)

image-asset (4).png
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption (File Level Encryption)

  • Vormetric Application Encryption (Application Encryption)

  • Tokenization Manger (Token-Based)

  • Vormetric Tokenization (Tokenless)

  • KMIP Connector (Native Device Encryption)

  • SafeNet High Speed Encryptors (Link Encryption)

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