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Email Security & Encryption Solution


Consolidate your email services into one offering through a single vendor with our extensive line of cloud-based products. From basic filtering to robust MS Hosted Exchange 2016 bundling, Mailprotector lets you provision your customers with all the features they need.


MailProtector CloudFilter (Spam Mail)​

Elevate your email security to the cloud and stop spam and viruses for good.

Let our team of email security experts protect your users around the clock.

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MailProtector SendSend (Outbound Filter)

Filter outbound email traffic with policies you define. Prevent spam proliferation and keep damaging or sensitive data from being leaked via email.


MailProtector CloudMail (eMail Hosting and Security)

An affordable yet robust email hosting solution. Manage contacts, email, calendars and more from our secure webmail console, or via POP3/IMAP syncing.


MailProtector Bracket (eMail Encrypiton)​

User-friendly encrypted email with no plugins or apps. Simply wrap brackets around the subject in any email client and Bracket handles the rest.

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Secpoint Protector

SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall VPN
The SecPoint Protector is a UTM (Unified Threat Management)

appliance designed to protect your whole network in every way possible.

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