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Datto Wifi

When WiFi is purpose-built for the MSP, everyone wins.


MSP Aligned

Simple, easy to install, manage and support: solutions that empower MSPs to serve small to medium sized customers.

Integration with MSP Tools

Use existing RMM and PSA tools with Datto supported native integrations.

No PhD required

Technicians who install, configure, and manage Datto Networking deployments do not have to get expensive certifications or attend week-long training courses.

Multi-Tenant Networking Status

Monitor all networks and connected devices in a multi-tenant view.

Simple Guest Networking

Deploy Guest Wifi for small to medium sized businesses in a matter of minutes.

Monthly Service Pricing

Priced in the same way you sells your service: monthly.


WiFi works best when it utilizes smart technology to self tune for better performance. Datto Networking includes different auto-optimizations to continuously improve broadcast and WiFi performance.

Automatic Self-Healing Mesh
Plug in your access points and they connect to the cloud and connect to each other...wirelessly. The mesh connection automatically forms, creating an encrypted mesh network

Auto-Channel Scanning
Access Points scan all channels once a day to determine the channel with the least amount of interference.

Auto-Firmware Management
Schedule when firmware updates will be delivered from the cloud to the networking device.


Just-Plug-it-in Install

For an MSP, the simpler a product is to install, the better. Datto Networking WiFi was built to be simple: just plug it in and have it work.

Cloud Managed

Datto APs get their configuration from the cloud. Set up the configuration once, then plug in the AP.

Network Cloning

Once a network configuration is set, deploying those same settings to a new network is as simple as clicking “Clone.”

Zero-Touch Deployment

With nothing to install on site, Datto Networking access points get their configurations from the cloud.


Smarter MSP Networking

Just One SKU

Four models of APs, with just one SKU for each. But with each SKU, you get everything needed to install the AP, indoor or outdoor. On the ceiling or on the wall. Everything is in the box.



Self-forming WiFi

Smart Datto Networking products know when they’ve been plugged in. They also know about the other access points on their same network.


Smarter, Simpler WiFi

WiFi networking should be easy to setup, easy to manage, and easy to use

It should always be available, accessible throughout the office, and seamless to every user. Datto Networking WiFi access points deliver powerful, easy-to-use wireless networks, with seamless roaming for always connected WiFi. And with Datto Networking’s cloud management system, wireless networks can be quickly and easily deployed with minimal effort. Smarter, simpler WiFi means better performance, less maintenance and a better customer experience.


DNW-AP42 - DNW-AP62 Specifications


Improved performance with Wave 2

When 802.11 ac Wave 1 was introduced to the market, the improvement over its predecessor (802.11n) was significant. In the same way, 802.11ac Wave 2 improves upon its predecessor delivering even more advanced performance for the WiFi network. From multi-user MIMO to increased bandwidth through the use of 160MHz wide channels to beamforming (a term that describes the focusing of the WiFi signal), Wave 2 delivers greater throughput, supports higher density environments and improves the speed and efficiency at which WiFi networks support video and voice traffic.

Datto Networking’s Wave 2 access points include a quad-core processor along with more and faster RAM resulting in a 50% performance improvement over our Wave 1 models. The quad-core processor ensures all of the Wave 2 features have the necessary processing power to deliver the enhanced performance any small- to medium-sized business needs. And with the same cloud management interface as all Datto Networking products, an MSP can be confident in deploying robust WiFi that just works.

Indoor/Outdoor Rated

With an IP55 rating, all Datto Networking access points are rated for indoor/outdoor use. And we simplify things for the MSP; one SKU includes everything needed for any deployment. All mounting hardware, everything is in the box.

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