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SureLock for Windows Mobile & CE


  • Restrict users to allowed applications only

  • Block users from accessing the home screen

  • Block users from changing system settings

  • Enhance security by setting passwords

  • Leading Windows rugged device lockdown solution


  • Lock down Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices

  • Allow user to launch and use allowed applications only

  • Disable installation of third-party programs (CABs or from desktop)

  • Block users from deleting applications

  • Disable keypad

  • Disable ActiveSync

  • Disable Autorun

  • Administrator access

  • Bundle multiple CABs into a single CAB for easier installation

  • Remote CAB update support

  • Full-screen support

  • Launch applications in the desired order during startup

  • Include custom icons in Kiosk Main Screen

  • Phone Signal Strength icon

  • WiFi Signal Strength icon

  • Display current date and time on kiosk launcher screen

  • View IP Address of the mobile device

  • Volume Control

  • Align Screen (Stylus Calibration)

  • Custom TaskManager

  • Battery Indicator

  • Enable Windows Mobile taskbar

  • Install cab directly from SureLock Studio

  • Enable logging in kiosk mode (Useful during development and integration)

  • Device branding (Change background, colors on Kiosk Main Screen)

  • Quickly allow built-in applications without typing anything

  • Remote Manager

    • Remotely access active window properties

    • Easily identify the path of device applications

    • Remotely capture screenshots

    • Remote device reset

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