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Reduce Downtime With Real-Time Alerting, Dashboards, And Machine-Learning-Powered Analytics For All Three Types Of Telemetry — Logs, Metrics, And Traces


Monitor and Manage All of IT

With the Increasing Complexity of Today’s Heterogeneous Networks, It Has Become Imperative for Organizations to Invest In a Robust IT Operations Platform

Motadata AIOps

Get Powerful Insights to Drive Business Outcomes

Network Observability
Real-time monitoring and AI-driven correlation tools for analyzing an entire organization’s network

Infrastructure Monitoring
Centralized observability platform for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid IT infrastructure


Log Analytics
Analyze machine data to find trends and patterns to acquire actionable business insights

Network Automation
Build Runbooks to continuously maximize network efficiency along with network virtualization


Motadata ServiceOps


Streamline Business Processes Across the Organization

Service Desk
Streamline IT service delivery through a virtual agent to improve service desk adoption

Asset Manager
Never lose track of your IT and Non-IT assets and manage them from a single platform

Patch Manager
Automate patch management and safeguard your endpoints from vulnerabilities

Conversational AI
Reduce MTTR by leveraging an NLP-powered Highly Scalable Virtual Agent


Solve your Toughest
IT Operations Challenges


Remove Noise, Get Insights

Meet SLAs

Scale without Limits

Scale your monitoring activities, with the support for billions of metrics, along with your applications and supporting IT operations.

Enterprises Use our Platforms Across the Globe

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