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IPAM, DNS and DHCP Management



  • You have many IP addresses, servers ans services to manage and IP conflict is the problem you always solve.

  • You want to ensure these core network services are secure and available.

  • You're looking for a DDI solution to solve your network issues faster.


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DNSBOX is a range of DDI appliances – with a variety of different models for different tasks – combining the benefits of enterprise-class DDI management software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format with clustering and failover support.

DNSBOX customers come in all shapes and sizes: Global 100, governments/public sector, service providers and SMEs around the world use DNSBOX because it makes DDI much easier, saves money and means they have less to worry about.



Using tools like BIND or Windows DNS in growing networks can quickly make DNS workload unmanageable. Larger networks can involve many man-years simply administering DNS. A lot of this could be saved with better tools.

Appliansys DNSBOX appliances overcome these issues by simplifying DNS administration, giving you more control over your DNS systems, and protecting your DNS service from attack or failure:

  • DNS data management automation with validation tools.

  • Centralized DNS cluster management.

  • DNS management workflow with administrator permission and audit trail.

  • DNS management audit and report

  • DNSSEC to protect against security threats such as cache poisoning.


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Whether you are using ISC DHCP or Windows, deploying and managing a DHCP service comes with its own set of headaches:

  • Initial DHCP setup requires in-depth configuration expertise and detailed knowledge

  • Updating DHCP configurations is time-consuming & error prone

  • The impact of misconfiguration is high – a typo could bring down your network

  • Poor visibility of current IP address usage and historic lease data

  • Difficulties implementing redundancy and maintaining an ‘always on’ DHCP service – particularly during server maintenance and upgrades


Whether you’re an enterprise with large IP phone deployments or BYOD schemes to manage or an ISP that needs to dynamically assign addresses to customer routers, Appliansys DNSBOX can help. It will simplify day-to-day administration, improve visibility & control of IP usage and provide a high level of resilience and availability:

  • DHCP management automation.

  • IP address monitoring and management with visual report.

  • Automatically manage IP address for new device to  solve IP conflict issue.

  • High availability DHCP service.

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