SOTI MobiControl, the world’s most trusted Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, enables Corporate IT departments to manage, support and secure employee-owned Windows Phone 8.1 devices, as well as enterprise-owned Windows Phone and Windows Embedded Handheld 8.1 devices, using MobiControl’s leading-edge technology.

Advanced Security

MobiControl Advanced Security Center provides administrators with a few options to manage Windows Phone's security:

Configure Device Authentication Policy 

  • Prevent unauthorized device use and control access to sensitive corporate data through complex password enforcement

Device Feature Control 

  • Enable or disable native Windows Phone device features
    • Disable SD Card Access
    • Enable Device Encryption
    • Remotely wipe device
    • Distribute public-keyed certificates

Wireless Application Distribution

Distribute Company Hub Application during enrollment 

  • Configure advanced compliance policies to manage user credentials.
  • Prevent data breaches by allowing, removing or blocking mobile devices accessing the network.
  • End users access corporate email according to corporate policies, all within the native MS Exchange application preloaded on the device.
  • Configure authorized device connections to MS Exchange Servers.
  • Configure device side MS Exchange settings such as email addresses, passwords, SSL certificates, email notification types and sync intervals.

Asset Management and Device Configuration

Use MobiControl to collect and store important device information for reporting, by customizing any number of Windows Phone device settings and features over-the-air. Optimize user productivity and enforce security policies by deploying encryption configurations profiles to one or many devices: 

  • Enroll, provision, and configure one or many devices simultaneously over-the-air
  • Enroll devices using LDAP username and password
  • Distribute email configurations including POP, IMAP, and Exchange


MobiControl proactively alerts console administrators on device-side events, automatically triggering notification advising of specific events: 

  • Device events such as device configuration removal, new device addition, etc.
  • Device status such as Operating System Version or Carrier Information


MobiControl collects vital device data in real –time, allowing administrators to generate detailed reports in a few mouse clicks. A robust reporting engine accounts for device activity, email access status, connection time, configuration information, etc.