Web Security and Filtering

iboss offers comprehensive, content-aware Web Security and Filtering features that protect your network from advanced threats, while enabling granular control over Web access. Leveraging total port visibility, and stream-based, inline technology, iboss enforces corporate AUP and regulatory compliance requirements, while protecting the network from advanced threats in real time.

Comprehensive Dynamic URL Database

The iboss URL database covers millions of sites and is compiled using automation tools as well as human review. The database is continuously and dynamically updated and new sites are added as soon as they become available on the Internet.

Zero-Day Threat Protection

iboss combines global cloud services, the Kaspersky industry-leading signature and heuristic database and local network database access to identify and block threats at the gateway, before they can reach your internal servers. Rather than the daily or weekly updates you get from standard solutions, iboss updates your database in real time, to stop new and emerging threats and ensure continuous protection against malware, viruses, and infected sites.

For additional data protection, add FireSphere Advanced APT Defense to your Web Security deployment.

Granular Filtering Controls

iboss provides granular controls that allow you to configure your Web access to fit your organization’s precise requirements.

Social Media Controls – iboss content-aware flexibility means you can allow business-critical Internet tools, without having to block sites completely. iboss granularity allows you to make a site available to a specific directory group – HR vs. Sales, for instance – or you can restrict parts of a site, such as allowing access to Facebook, but restricting posting. This approach improves the end-user experience while assuring accurate enforcement of organization security policies.

Port Access Management – iboss enables you to restrict ports or open them based on local or directory group memberships. This allows you to give access where it’s necessary, so users continue mission-critical processes uninterrupted, while restricting others, who don’t require access. This adds an important layer of security to your network, and increases user satisfaction.

Keyword Filtering – iboss keyword defense identifies any communications within legitimate sites that pose a threat or violate the organization’s policies. Predefined keyword lists are included and custom lists can be imported. Additionally, triggers can be set to immediately email administrators upon detection of high risk or suspicious words.

Domain and File Extension Restrictions – iboss gives you the ability to block access by domain extension, based on directory or local-group membership. In addition, iboss allows you to restrict access to file extensions and executables to prevent accidental downloading of damaging threats, while ensuring that valid file extensions continue to function.

SafeSearch Enforcement – This features applies strict safe search enforcement on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, including image searching. With this option enabled, the safe-search preference is automatically set to "strict”, preventing any attempts to circumvent it.

Google Services Support – Services such as Google Images and Translation are cached, so organizations must rely on Google SafeSearch, forcing some of them to restrict access completely. iboss technology solves this problem by scanning content, applying your AUP and stripping restricted content directly from the search results, which SafeSearch can’t provide.