Cutting-Edge Web Security

Today’s complex, borderless networks demand Web security that goes beyond standard product offerings to protect against advanced threats and zero-day exploits, while enforcing corporate policies and maintaining optimal network performance. iboss Web Security delivers next generation tools that secure all your Web traffic, backed by patented, technology and cutting edge features. iboss processes a TB of data a day across millions of users globally, with malware and threat signatures dynamically updated across all users in real-time. And iboss solutions are easy to install and manage, helping to conserve valuable IT resources and lower TCO.

Web Security Highlights

  • Unrivaled visibility and application control across all UDP and TCP Web traffic, not just ports 80 443 like standard solution
  • Increases SSL security and protects against man-in-the-middle attacks, with selective decryption at the gateway or endpoint
  • Extends security and advanced threat protection across all BYOD users with seamless authentication and auto-quarantine of high-risk users
  • Offers unmatched ease-of-use and low TCO with streamlined deployment and management via a responsive, intuitive UI console

Leading Features

Unmatched Visibility and Application Control

iboss leverages its visibility across all 131K data channels to deliver packet-level application scanning that allows you to support critical business processes while blocking unwanted applications and threats. iboss secures the gateway against torrent and file-sharing applications and dynamic proxy circumvention attempts, with tools that include advanced protocol management and trigger-based alerts. 

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Exclusive SSL Security

Many standard solutions attempt to secure HTTPS traffic but their approach creates network latency and leaves your network open to man-in-the-middle attacks (MiTM), because they must decrypt all traffic at the gateway. iboss’ innovative, granular SSL scanning includes selective decryption that protects against threats hiding in HTTPS, while maintaining data integrity and optimal network performance. 

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BYOD Management

iboss Web Security integrates BYOD management to extend advanced threat defense and data protection to all the BYOD users on your network, while ensuring that increases in bandwidth demand don’t impede mission critical traffic. iboss identifies BYOD users not using a NAC and provides a captive portal that binds them to your network directory or LDAP automatically, enabling accurate policy enforcement across all users.

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Intelligent Bandwidth Management

Provides automatic bandwidth throttling during peak usage hours, which maintains optimal network performance and ensures availability for critical business processes. This is superior to standard stateful shaping technology, which continuously applies policy per domain or IP.

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Additional Features :

Streamlined Authentication

Comprehensive directory services integration provides secure, transparent authentication for accurate policy enforcement across your organization. This reduces the burden on IT and lowers TCO.

Centralized Threat and Event Reporting Console

Delivers powerful network insight and forensic intelligence that includes live dashboards, geo-mapping, drill-down access and usage reporting. This helps you identify threats in real-time and enforce AUP and regulatory compliance requirements.

Web Security and Filtering

Applies granular filtering controls and dynamic database updates to ensure secure web access that enables critical business processes while protecting against advanced Internet threats.

Granular Social Media Controls

Provides content aware social media controls so you can allow access to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, without worrying about inappropriate activity.

Unlimited Scalability and Flexibility

iboss offers flexible deployment options that integrate seamlessly into any network environment and scale to fit even the largest organizations.