SafeNet Virtual KeySecure centralizes cryptographic processing, security policy and key management – all in a FIPS-validated hardened virtual security appliance. It’s an operation and expense-friendly alternative providing scalable key management and secure encryption at remote facilities or cloud infrastructures such as VMware or AWS Marketplace.

Only SafeNet delivers layered encryption for application, database, file, and workload data in a single high-availability solution. KeySecure’s proven cryptographic performance means critical encryption tasks can be offloaded to a dedicated appliance via the Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack (Crypto Pack), ensuring data protection efforts do not impede critical IT operations. Additionally, Virtual KeySecure ensures that organizations maintain ownership of their encryption keys at all times by hardening the appliance OS and encrypting the entire virtual appliance.

Virtual KeySecure Management Use Cases

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure use cases for centralized key management cover SafeNet encryption products and third-party solutions for backup media and storage, virtual workload and application encryption.

  • Virtual Workloads: SafeNet Virtual KeySecure centrally manages keys for complete encryption of virtual instances deployed on AWS Marketplace and VMware when deployed with SafeNet's ProtectV solution.
  • Backup Media: SafeNet Virtual KeySecure supports industry leading tape libraries, scalable backup, and cloud archive solutions.
  • Storage: SafeNet Virtual KeySecure supports leading storage platforms and cloud storage services like AWS, DropBox and Google.
  • Applications: SafeNet Virtual KeySecure supports applications level encryption via SafeNet ProtectApp solution and integrations from cloud application partners.

Supported Technologies:


API Support


Network Management

SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 SNMP (v1, v2, and v3), NTP, URL health check, signed secure logs & syslog, automatic log rotation, secured encryption and integrity checked backups and upgrades, extensive statistics


LDAP and Active Directory

Management Interfaces

KeySecure Management Console: Graphical user interface (GUI) available via web browser that is capable of high-grade 128-bit encryption. JavaScript must be enabled to access all functionality available through the management console.

Command Line Interface (CLI): Command line interface (CLI) available over SSH or directly through the serial console port

Auditing and Logging

Cryptographically signed tracking of granular events. Configurable audit trail with local and remote (syslog) logging.

Supported Algorithms

The KeySecure supports the following public algorithms:

  • AES
  • ARIA
  • DES
  • DESede
  • HMAC-SHA256
  • HMAC-SHA384
  • HMAC-SHA512
  • RC4
  • RSA
  • SEED

Operating System

Highly customized, hardened OS

Virtual KeySecure k150v Specifications:


Max keys


Max concurrent clients


Hardware Security Module (HSM) Integration*


SafeNet Crypto Pack**


SafeNet ProtectApp Integration


SafeNet ProtectFile Integration


SafeNet ProtectV Integration


SafeNet StorageSecure Integration


SafeNet Third-Party Integration Support



Partner Integration Support
(requires ProtectApp)



*Virtual KeySecure will integrate with both Luna SA and Amazon CloudHSM
**Remote encryption within KeySecure 8.0 appliance using the connectors (ProtectApp, ProtectDB and Tokenization) requires the purchase of Crypto Pack. Local encryption and ProtectFile do NOT require Crypto Pack feature activation

Highlighted Key Management Features:

  • Virtual KeySecure can be hosted anywhere: on a virtual machine such as VMware or rented from a service-- such as AWS Marketplace.

  • Hourly or annual subscription-based offerings are better suited for operating expenditure (op-ex) models, versus capital expenditure models (standard hardware purchases) that require upfront payment.

  • Flexible deployment options can easily scale to provide key management at remote facilities or in cloud infrastructures.

  • Compatibility with the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard provides support for a large and growing list of encryption products.

  • Key security policies can be consolidated across multiple, disparate encryption systems, protecting current investments.

  • Centralized, efficient auditing of key management offers simplified compliance for cloud environments and decreases the amount of time spent on compliance mandates.

  • Virtual KeySecure’s hardened virtual appliance mitigates security risks typically associated with software-based implementations.

  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL) for AWS Market place enables the purchase of Connector licenses direct from SafeNet.