The Rising Cost of Hidden Data Ports

Every day there are stories of high-profile data breaches that cost organizations millions in lost revenue, regulatory and legal fines, lost customers and more. And while the high-profile targets receive the most publicity, smaller but costly data loss is happening to organizations of every size, and across every industry.

Data breaches come in all forms, but attacks that use non-standard data channels, or ports, are becoming increasingly common. One of the main reasons is that most standard security solutions focus only on HTTP/HTTPS traffic using ports 80 and 443. With over 131 thousand ports on your network, today’s sophisticated cyber criminals know how to use the non-standard ports you’re not watching to transfer threats into your network and get data out. Standard security solutions aren’t watching these hidden ports but iboss is.


UDP Ports

UDP protocol is used for streaming data such as video and audio transfers, which aren’t interrupted just because one packet is missing. Standard security solutions that can’t stop data mid-stream, don’t watch UDP ports, which is why they have become vital conduits for cybercriminals to deliver malware and steal data. And blocking all UDP ports isn’t practical because organizations depend on them for vital services that increase efficient communication and collaboration such as IM, Outlook, GoToMeeting, Adobe Creative Cloud, VoIP and more.

iboss Gives You Visibility over all 131,070 Ports on Your Network

Only iboss technology empowers you to use UDP-based services securely by giving you visibility over all the data channels on your network, including 65, 535 TCP and 65,535 UDP ports. This approach provides: control over data channels allowing you to stop suspicious data transfers mid-stream; geo-mapping which details threat hotspots globally; and real-time dashboards so you can know instantly when a suspicious location is trying to access your network.

Our behavioral threat and data protection solutions use port visibility to track data transfers, detect anomalies against your network baseline, stop the transfer, and alert you. This allows you to analyze suspicious outbound communications and stop sensitive data from leaving your network. No other security solution offers this level of port visibility and only iboss with its exclusive stream-based technology gives you the real-time control you need over hidden data channels.