Intelligent Bandwidth Management

The number of mobile devices accessing your organization’s network due to the popularity of bring your own devices (BYOD) and the move to the cloud for mission critical services such as CRM, payroll, and VOIP, has made bandwidth availability a top concern for many IT professionals. iboss solves this dilemma with Intelligent Bandwidth Management that throttles and prioritizes traffic with dynamic shaping capabilities no one else offers.

Unlike stateful shaping that continuously applies policy, used by most standard security solutions, iboss stream-based approach allows you to assure uninterrupted bandwidth availability during saturation periods, giving your users more access to technology without compromising performance.

  • Throttles and prioritizes traffic only during peak hours rather than throughout the day like standard solutions
  • Unique stream-based approach allows you to identify and throttle traffic based on 60 predefined categories including Streaming TV/Radio
  • Directory awareness lets you integrate policies with network directories to prioritize traffic based on individual users accessing the network
  • Granular policy control allows you to assure bandwidth for mission critical processes and control recreation traffic during saturation periods — policies can be based on IP, domain, or Bandwidth Heat Map

Enhanced Intelligent Bandwidth Management

The enhanced Intelligent Bandwidth Management module adds bandwidth ‘pools’ and live bandwidth shaping dashboards to the iboss Threat and Event Console Reporter, giving you greater flexibility and visibility in shaping policies. This is an advantage in highly regulated, High Availability environments, such as finance, healthcare, education and others, where assuring mission-critical traffic is essential.

  • Bandwidth pools allow you to apply multiple shaping rules that can be combined into pools to assure prioritization for critical groups – this clusters mission-critical or non-essential traffic for consistent shaping during saturation
  • Real-time shaping dashboard provides immediate feedback on shaping policies and rule details with visibility into downstream consumption, targets during saturation, and currently unshaped traffic, giving administrators better insight to assure maximum network efficiency.