BrightCloud IP Reputation Service for

Security Incident & Event Management


Detect, Alert & Respond to Known Bad IPs & Unknown Malicious IPs in SIEM

Faced with an onslaught of perimeter breaches, targeted attacks and unknown threats, even large and well-funded IT security organizations may struggle to detect and respond to incidents in a timely fashion, increasing the risk of data theft. Many breaches can go undetected for months because enterprises lack real-time insight into emerging threats.

One of the most effective ways to decrease this "time exposed to danger" is with predictive threat intelligence which correlates multiple attack vectors, such as URLs, IPs, files and mobile apps, to identify known threats, and accurately predict which unknown objects are likely to be malicious. This highly-accurate, real-time intelligence can eliminate or greatly reduce the effects of an attack by detecting malicious activities as soon as possible so InfoSec teams can quickly respond, investigate and remediate.

BrightCloud IP Reputation Service for SIEM integrates BrightCloud's highly-accurate, constantly updated IP predictive threat intelligence into SIEM environments. This enables the SIEM solution to correlate real-world IP threat data from BrightCloud against IP logs, identify malicious activities from known bad IPs and unknown malicious IPs in real-time, and alert InfoSec teams so they can quickly investigate, respond to active endpoint breaches or even take proactive actions by sending attacking IPs to firewall for blocking.