Deploy and Manage with Ease

SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) is capable of managing Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) making it easier for organizations to deploy and manage. With an SED encryption is always on, the key never leaves the drive and authentication is done independent of the operating system.

Organizations worldwide are increasingly securing confidential information on Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs), recognizing that this approach simplifies the deployment of security for data at rest.

As storage and security continue to converge, solutions like SEDs are leading the way by providing organizations with the strong, easy-to-use security they need to protect their data assets.

For organizations that have a need to deploy Linux SecureDoc takes an Operating System (OS) neutral approach to managing these systems through the use of SEDs.

SecureDoc OSA (Operating System Agnostic) allows SecureDoc users to encrypt their hard drive without needing to install any software in the OS. Using OPAL SEDs, installation is performed at pre-boot which eliminates the need to create an OS-specific installation package. This is ideal for organizations that want to be able to run Linux in their environment and still be able to manage and audit the security of systems.