Professional Services


IT Security & Networking Consulting Services

For any IT security and networking related problems, Bangkok System & Software is ready to help you to overcome them with our more than 10 years experience, our specialists team and the technology we provide. We have helped our customers, organization ranging from 100 users to more than 10,000 users, to solve all the problems with great satisfaction. Please feel free to mark us as your first contact point when you face any IT security and networking issue.


24x7 On-site Services

We have IT engineer team to support our customers using our products and services. The basic service subscription is starting at 8x5xNBD which could be expanded to 24x7x4. And not only our team will be the one who supports you, our parners, the systems integrators, are trained to be specialist in each solutions so our customers can be confident on using the right technology with the right support guys from us.


Microsoft Solutions Specialists

As an enterprise IT experts, our team has experience with Microsoft solutions, which are widely used in many organizations in Thailand. We can consult, design, install, manage and maintenance them as a part of an enterprise security solution, which includes our wide range of products.


Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Microsoft AD is the heart of many IT infrastructure as it is the AAA servers for many systems. Our team has experience in managing Microsoft AD and integrating it to many systems.


Miccrosoft Certificate Authority (CA)

As many of our products are related to certificate, Microsoft CA becomes one of our most expert skill. You can rely on Bangkok System & Software if you're facing with any issue on Microsoft CA.


Microsoft Exchange

As one of the most popular email systems for organizations in Thailand, Microsoft Exchange is still trusted by many companies to be the business email systems. Bangkok System & Software is ready to help you as a total supporter for designing, installing, migrating and maintenance.