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  • You want to use an all-in-one software defined WAN solution among your branch offices.

Mushroom Networks Technologies

Broadband Bonding & Software Defined WAN

Mushroom Networks' Truffle is a load balancing router with packet level Software Defined WAN aggregation. Truffle bonds Internet access lines for all types of traffic (including encrypted traffic such as VPN) for aggregated downlink and uplink capacity when peered over the Internet with another Truffle located at the headquarter office or data center. For single office setups optional Broadband Bonding Service subscription enables downlink/uplink bonding.


Self Healing WAN for High 9s Network Reliability

In case of Internet access line failures, the Truffle keeps the ongoing sessions alive by making real-time per-packet routing decisions, even for the sessions in progress (in peered mode), without loss of data integrity. Additionally automatic failover protects against failures of one or more WAN link outages. Automated Domain Name Service (ADNS) optimization is used to maximize the utility of all active access lines, with automated email, syslog or SNMP alerts.


HTTP Acceleration

All HTTP downlink sessions are aggregated for faster transfer via the Broadband Bonding WAN aggregation technology. Truffle is a load balancing router with packet granularity aggregation. Even in cases of single HTTP session (an example of such a session is a single file download), all Internet access lines are simultaneously and intelligently combined together to provide a faster data transfer for that single session.


Application Armor with Session Keep Alive

When peered to a head-office Truffle Master unit, the Truffle Master unit monitors and intelligently reacts in realtime to mitigate any performance degradation caused by the WAN links at the branch offices. Managed parameters and network problems include packet loss, latency, jitter, cross-traffic, buffer management, MTU problems, black holes as well as others. In case of packet loss, spike in latency or any other degradation on any of the WAN links at the branch office, the VLL tunnel between Truffle and Truffle Master maintains the ongoing IP sessions without loss of performance by shielding the effects of dropped WAN link, lost packets, high latency on any of the links.


And many more features ...

  • Elastic Static IP
  • Cellular 3G/4G WAN Connection
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Traffic Shaping, Monitoring & Alerts
  • DNS Load Balancing for Inbound Requests
  • Intelligent Session-based Load Balancing
  • Built-int Firewall & Router


Mushroom Networks Products


Mushroom Networks Truffle - Enterprise SD-WAN


Truffle Software Defined WAN Orchestration and Broadband Bonding appliance enables cost-effective and self-healing Internet access for businesses, enterprise branch offices and other multi-tenant buildings. Load balancing and intelligent Software Defined WAN orchestration of multiple Internet access lines increases Internet performance and boosts reliability. Truffle load balances and intelligently orchestrates up to four (or optionally as many as eight or twelve) Internet lines to increase performance and up-time of applications and services that run over the Internet. Several T-1, DSL, cable modem, MPLS, metro-ethernet or fiber services from different ISPs can be aggregated to provide increased bandwidth. 

Besides Software Defined WAN aggregation, Truffle is also a stateful firewall, bandwidth manager, Internet failover, traffic monitoring and traffic shaping appliance that is packed with cutting edge adaptive Quality of Service features - all in one box. Truffle is powered by our enterprise grade Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture that is dependable, scalable, remotely manageable and field upgradable.

Truffle combines multiple Internet access lines, each on a GbE (or 10 GbE) copper Ethernet or fiber SFP interface, into a single aggregated Internet access line, again on an Ethernet interface. The aggregation and packet-level load balancing over the Internet access lines is done even for a single protocol session, providing the full aggregate speed. The Truffle supports aggregation of up to 4,8 or 12 Internet access lines and additional 2 cellular data cards. Each Internet access line may be through a DSL modem, cable modem, T1, MPLS, satellite modem, fractional DS3, DS3, fiber, cellular or any other broadband connection.


Mushroom Networks Truffle Lite - Entry Level SD-WAN

Truffle Lite, an entry level Internet load balancer, is ideal for small offices that wish to aggregate multiple Internet access lines (Internet load balance at packet granularity) for increased performance and reliability in a cost-effective way. With Truffle Lite, multiple DSL, cable modem or T1 services can be combined to provide higher speed and more reliable Internet access. Truffle Lite is the ideal packet level Internet load balancer that is highly cost effective.

Truffle Lite is also a stateful firewall, bandwidth manager, traffic monitoring, Internet failover and traffic shaping appliance that is packed with cutting edge adaptive Quality of Service features - all in one box. We have used our fundamental know-how and Truffle architecture in designing Truffle Lite, which means you will still have the dependability, scalability, remote manageability and field upgradable firmware features as standard. 

The base Truffle Lite model has 2 Ethernet based WAN and 2 Ethernet based LAN ports with the optional 1 or 2 more additional Ethernet based WAN ports for a total of up to 4 WAN ports. It also supports 2 USB based WAN ports for wireless 3G/4G data cards from any wireless carrier. 


Mushroom Networks Truffle V - Virtual Leased Line

Truffle V, is a WAN Orchestration software that can be installed and run on a standard Virtual Machine hypervisor such as VMWare Hypervisor or Xen Hypervisor. Truffle V has can be installed in a data center and peered with remote Truffle and Truffle Lite appliances in the branch offices. Once Truffle V is peered with the branch offices, there are overlay tunnels formed connecting the branch offices to the data center leveraging the bonded WAN lines at the branch offices. These bonded IP tunnels are used for IP traffic between the branch offices and the data center as well as between any of the branch offices. Hub-and-spoke star topologies or mesh topologies are supported. 

The Virtual Leased Line tunnels between the physical Truffle appliances at the branch offices and the virtualized Truffle V at the data center will enable WAN Orchestration of the WAN links at the branch offices for higher performance, highly reliable WAN connectivity for the branch offices.


Mushroom Networks PortaBella

Fastest Mobile, Portable Internet on the Go

The Portabella is a 3G / 4G / LTE bonding device with Broadband Bonding technology that provides cost effective portable Internet access for mobile and portable deployments.

When peered with Portabella Server (optional), Portabella provides uplink and downlink bonding for any protocol between a mobile location and the host office via bonding together multiple cellular wireless Internet access cards for increased performance and reliability. Depending on the model, Portabella aggregates the capacity of as many as four, six, seven or eight cellular data modems (external or embedded depending on the model) providing increased access bandwidth in both uplink and downlink directions for the communication link to the host office. The Portabella Server will also act as a transparent proxy, enabling the Portabella with a bonded connection out to the public Internet. Alternatively, Portabella when used with the Broadband Bonding Service subscription, will enable uplink/downlink bonding without requiring any Portabella Server device since the Portabella Server will be hosted by Mushroom Networks as part of the Broadband Bonding Service.

Portabella portable Internet access device has various models and all models support 3G bonding, 4G bonding and LTE bonding with some models also including WiFi and wired Internet WAN ports. The standard Portabella 141 and Portabella 8000 models are ideal for indoor use and the industrial ruggedizedPortabella 141iPortabella 7000i and Portabella 6000iw are ideal for more challenging mobile or portable deployments. For train and specialty vehicle deployments (such as firetrucks, ambulances, first responders, command and control centers), the Portabella 7000i is ideal with its high temperature range and wide range vibration tolerance with passive cooling ruggedized chassis. Portabella 7000i provides easy external access to up to 7 sim cards. Portabella 7000i has EN50155 and EN50121 certifications and is EN45545-2 compliant, making it an ideal candidate for delivering robust, high performance mobile Internet in vehicles, vessels, ships, trains and buses.

For live video uplink over bonded 3G / 4G /LTE wireless data cards, please check out our Teleporter solution which integrates Mushroom's bonding technology that is optimized for live video streaming. For video streaming over bonded 3G / 4G wireless data cards to a video server or CDN for webcasting applications, please check out our Streamer solution.

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