Safeguarding the enterprise from potential threats while maintaining a highly optimized, user friendly and secure mobility environment can be a major challenge to successfully managing and growing your organization. SOTI’s MDM solution provides an effective tool kit of advanced features to manage access to corporate resources, configure lockdown/kiosk mode, detect jail broken/rooted devices and much more.

Your Mobile Security Requirements

Users - Meeting user expectations in today’s rapidly evolving enterprise mobility environment can be a complex task to plan, implement and enforce. Detecting and preventing usage of jail broken/rooted devices and by unauthorized users

Devices - Dealing with the proliferation of OEM devices, operating systems and types of devices can be extremely difficult for any IT department to consistently support and manage. Remove data from devices upon device loss or theft or upon employee departure

Content - Protecting stored, in-transit and transmitted data from abuse and theft is critical for legal, e-discovery and regulatory compliance. Safeguarding the corporation’s intellectual property, configuring access to credentialed users, preventing data breaches from unauthorized access, restricting copying and forwarding of email and attachments

Applications - Authenticating, enabling, monitoring device and user access to permissible content while disabling, removing, blocking malicious threats and non-compliant mobile apps on the network

Configure - Monitor your IT infrastructure for security threats as well as network, app and device performance

The key to mobile device management success is a well-defined roadmap to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements, and an advanced mobility management solution to navigate through the hazards of implementation, monitoring and management.

Advantages of SOTI’s Mobile Security Management

Compliance rules engine to configure, monitor and manage security policy within clearly defined parameters; trigger exception alerts and actions to policy violations, incidents and custom/standard use cases

Comprehensive statutory regulations compliancy enabling e-discovery, privacy and data retention requirements for HIPAA, FIPS 140-2, SEC, FINRA, CIPA, SOX, STIG, PCI Data Security Standard and many more…

Complete visibility of network and mobile assets to manage costs, automate enterprise mobility management, enhance business productivity and streamline policy enforcement

Centralized management console for strategic MDM planning and implementation, tactical support and troubleshooting as well as analytics dashboard for diagnostics and generating management reports