The evolution of mobile connectivity has changed the modern workplace, creating more productivity and efficiency, but also increasing security challenges. iboss MobileEther easily enables your mobile workforce with seamless cloud integration and proprietary mobile device management (MDM).

MobileEther offers end-to-end protection across all the devices accessing your network, whether corporate-owned or BYOD (bring your own device). It is seamlessly integrated with the core iboss Web Security solution to extend comprehensive protection without requiring manual proxy settings to a third party solution, which can undermine network security.

MobileEther Highlights

  • Seamlessly integrates Cloud Web Security and proprietary Mobile Device Management
  • Delivers advanced Web Security features across all mobile users in one-click
  • Full-featured, proprietary MDM protects mobile devices and the network
  • Streamlined authentication ensures accurate policy enforcement regardless of user location

Leading Features

Integrated Cloud Web Security

MobileEther is the only security solution that integrates robust Web Security with full-featured mobile device management (MDM) to deliver advanced protection of users, devices and your network. iboss streamlined, one-click authentication allows you to deploy Web security features seamlessly on any mobile device to ensure your security policies are enforced, whether on or off the network. MobileEther provides granular application, social media and SaaS controls that govern user activities and are integrated with iboss comprehensive reporting and real-time threat and bandwidth dashboards. 

MobileEther™ Cloud Web Security

Securing Your Distributed Enterprise

MobileEther Cloud Web Security extends advanced protection across all your mobile users regardless of whether they are on or off network. It connects your mobile users with one click, to assure compliance and efficiency and is integrated with iboss comprehensive reporting and live dashboards, for real-time visibility and control.

Comprehensive platform interoperability

iboss offers one unified console that seamlessly encompasses users on any platform, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Google Chrome or mixed environments.

Ease-of-use with consolidated controls and reporting

When mobile users are onsite, secure them through an onsite iboss appliance and then reconnect outside the network, through cloud enablement. Centralized policy management and reporting simplifies administration and allows IT to identify threats across all devices. Cloud-based Web security can also be applied to branches and remote locations to assure cost-effective, company-wide security. 

SSL Protection for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are common conduits for SSL traffic. MobileEther provides content scanning of HTTPS/SSL to detect embedded links, malicious code or access violations that can threaten compliance and incur data loss.

Advanced APT Defense

iboss Cloud Web Security protects mobile devices in the workplace with integrated features that can extend iboss' FireSphere Advanced APT Defense across all users.

Proprietary Mobile Device Management

MDM features include remote wipe of lost or stolen devices, removal of unapproved apps, disabling of device functions such as cameras and more. You can locate devices with geomapping, remotely scan and selectively wipe them and lock or push apps. Email trigger alerts provide insight on events, such as a device leaving the network, unapproved apps or policy violations. If you already have an MDM solution, MobileEther can be installed with MDM disabled. 

Full-featured MDM & Integrated Web Security

MobileEther Mobile Device Management is the only MDM solution that includes both device management and Web Security. With one interface, organizations can manage security on mobile devices with features such as wipe lost or stolen devices, remove unapproved applications and even disable device functions such as cameras. You can also locate devices with geomapping, remotely scan them, and selectively wipe devices for privacy and lock or push apps. Email trigger alerts provide insight on administrator-defined events, such as a device leaving the network, an unapproved app installed, or when web access violations occur. Eighteen different triggers can be customized to keep you apprised of all user activity, whether on- or off-network. If you already have an MDM solution, iboss MobileEther Cloud Web Security can be installed with MDM disabled.

Leading Features

  • Social Media Controls
  • Application Management
  • Monitor and Secure SaaS Data
  • Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Support
  • Seamless Directory Integration and Authentication
  • Dynamic Content Awareness and Reporting
  • Accurate Policy Enforcement on Shared Devices

Social Media Controls

Easily create flexible social media access based on directory group membership. Use the granular controls to set policies for each social media user including restrictions such as ‘No Posting’, ‘Games’ or ‘Photo Uploads’ to social media sites

Application Management

MobileEther gives you granular application control with the ability to push customized apps, update content on or off premises, restrict or allow app store access and more.

MobileEther gives you granular application control that allows you to control the applications you make available to users, push customized apps, and restrict or allow app store access. This not only eases the burden on your IT resources, it increases convenience and satisfaction for your mobile users.

Delegating vs. Managing Applications

With iboss MobileEther, you can create delegated administrators to manage and push applications to users per their group profiles. For instance, you can make certain applications available to the finance department only, or in a school setting, to teachers, while restricting other groups. In addition, iboss offers the unique ability to filter the Apple App store by ratings, age, categories, and content, allowing organizations to give users the right to add applications to their mobile devices, without the risk of incurring AUP or regulatory compliance violations.

Custom Applications

MobileEther gives you the ability to create custom apps and push documents, files, links and other content essential to your organization’s daily operations, to your mobile users. With this feature, staff and key personal have access to the latest files, resource document, publications, or sales sheets, regardless of whether they are on- or off- premises. In addition to creating custom apps for distribution, delegates can be assigned to manage app content for their staff, creating a more efficient and productive work environment.

Volume Purchasing Program Integration (VPP)

The Apple Volume Purchasing Program was designed for organizations to purchase bulk licenses for Apple App store purchases. Managing licenses across thousands of devices can be challenging, and IT administrators must contend with problems such as lost or stolen devices and device restoration. This can complicate license management and increase the risk of losing licenses, which can prove very costly over time.

MobileEther integrates an Apple VPP management suite, which acts as a license inventory management solution that tracks devices and the licenses they contain. Should a device be lost or stolen, VPP management identifies and restores the license back into your inventory. This unique feature can save you time and money, particularly in large enterprise organizations supporting many mobile devices.

Monitor and Secure SaaS Data

Access to SaaS platforms such as Dropbox and Salesforce is vital for daily operations, but they can also expose your organization to data loss from unapproved transfers from the cloud. Iboss MDM technology monitors SaaS data movements on any device to restrict high volume data movement from SaaS services, preventing costly data loss.

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Support

iboss MobileEther MDM provides support for Apple DEP, allowing you to implement automatic, no-touch enrollment of all Apple mobile devices into your organization’s security policies, quickly and easily.

If your organization deploys multiple Apple devices that are reissued, or used by more than one person, you are aware of the burden created by having to re-enroll each device and bind users to the correct policy group, whenever an Apple or Mac device is deployed.

iboss MobileEther MDM supports forced automatic enrollment of Mac and Apple devices across your network and transparently binds each user to your configuration and Web security policies, without the administrator having the cumbersome task of enrolling each device individually. Devices are enrolled over the air, without the need for a Mac computer or an Apple Configurator and protected by iboss MobileEther, which can’t be uninstalled and offers full MDM functionality, including the ability to wipe stolen or lost devices automatically. This functionality can save your IT department hundreds of hours by streamlining device enrollment, while also increasing security, ensuring accurate policy enforcement and providing device protection.

iboss MobileEther DEP Support Features:

  • Allows you to bulk manage serial numbers and synchronize them with DEP to particular device groups
  • Web security policies are enabled out-of-box for accurate enforcement and reporting
  • Enables your users to setup their devices, and even provides a simplified setup assistant, so they are configured automatically to join the MDM
  • Automatically re-enrolls devices even if they are reset to factory defaults
  • Allows you to setup and apply policies before turning the devices on
  • Requires a profile to be on the device before syncing DEP to ensure accurate policy enforcement
  • Lock users’ MDM profiles to prevent them from circumventing organization policies
  • Assign devices to different user profiles when syncing them, allowing you to configure profiles for different access rights
  • Conserve IT resources by delegating administrators in Apple’s DEP portal to manage devices

Seamless Directory Integration and Authentication

iboss MobileEther simplifies integration by binding devices to your existing directory services including Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory, and LDAP. Policies for both Web access and mobile device profiles are based on your directory profiles and consolidated through a central management interface, which simplifies setup, management, and maintenance.

Dynamic Content Awareness and Reporting

iboss MobileEther with Cloud Web Security is fully integrated with the iboss Threat and Event Console Reporter to provide dynamic content visibility across all actions, whether restricted or not, for up-to-the-second across to any device, anywhere. This dynamic visibility enables you to detect suspicious user behavior as well as providing the data required for regulatory compliance audits. 

Accurate Policy Enforcement on Shared Devices

Authenticated users are bound via directory integration to their group or individual profiles but MobileEther MDM can dynamically change device settings including Internet access rules, device profiles, and APP store access based on the specific user accessing the device. This is an essential capability in shared environments such as classrooms or laboratories where a single device may have different users.

Additional Features :

Application Management

MobileEther gives you granular application control with the ability to manage and push applications to users per their group profiles.

SaaS Security

Ensure secure access to critical applications such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Webmail accounts, etc.

Auto-Enrollment Support

Support for the Apple Device Enrollment Program, including no-touch enrollment of Apple mobile devices.

Directory Services Integration

MobileEther simplifies integration by binding devices to your existing directory services.

Content Awareness and Reporting

iboss extends Web Security and Reporting to mobile users with dynamic content awareness.

BYOD Management

Part of iboss Web Security solution, it extends security and policy enforcement across BYOD users.