SOTI’s Mobile Email Management (MEM) solution delivers complete security for corporate emails. You can configure advanced compliance policies to manage user credentials, prevent data breaches by allowing, removing or blocking mobile devices accessing the network.

Your Mobile Email Management Requirements

Configure enterprise-wide fleet of mobile devices to authenticate users for granting access to corporate email, and generate analytics dashboard for viewing current and trending mobility statistics

Remote lockdown, complete wipe of mobile device or selective wipe of corporate data from stolen, lost or compromised devices

Standardize security protocols across a range of mobile devices and platforms to comply with corporate policy

Monitor and manage over-the-air, real-time provisioning to enable/disable and remove users and devices from accessing corporate network and resources

The key to successful Mobile Email Management is rule-based email engine configured by corporate policy to secure and encrypt data, allowing only approved mobile clients to access corporate resources.

Advantage of SOTI’s Mobile Email Management Solution

Powerful, centralized console to manage profile (role, group, device and context) based mobile data access policy, protecting corporate intellectual property, personally-identifiable data, non-public domain financial data and other sensitive information

Manage, support, secure, monitor and track with single pane of glass visibility

Configure and manage native, or integrate with third party email clients

Advanced enterprise mobility management solution to mitigate exposure to corporate risk from sensitive data loss, theft and leakage

Supplier to highly regulated, mission-critical projects and services organizations

Configure emails within containers