SOTI’s Mobile Content Management solution is a secure content library for distributing and managing access to up-to-date corporate resources from mobile devices. Supporting multiple document formats, files can be pushed as one-to-one, one-to-many or one-to-all. Some of the options include setting priority levels, specifying time durations for document availability, staggering release by geo-location, enabling automatic or on-demand downloads and many more.

Your Mobile Content Management Requirements

Compliance - Maintaining an auditable trail of document versioning, distribution, sharing, non-compliance, viewing status and many more...

Complexity - Managing document sharing with mobile users accessing from Wi-Fi, Cellular and unsecured networks

Consistency - Managing corporate policy requirements and ease of use expectations from end-users to provide a seamless, dependable and centralized solution

Diversity - Reducing complex management of distributing content to multiple users on multiple devices and operating system platforms in different locations

Enterprise - Grade Security - Ensuring content is safely distributed, accessed, stored and available at the right time to the right people

The key to successful Mobile Content Management is adopting a single, centralized source to manage, share, track, trouble shoot and record all transactions with a simple, configurable and context aware solution that is scalable and convenient to manage.

Advantages of SOTI’s Mobile Content Management

Enterprise application management enables secure framework to manage mandatory, recommended and prohibited apps with on-the-fly, over-the-air, silent install and remote deployment technology

Centralized management console for strategic MDM planning and implementation, tactical support and troubleshooting as well as analytics dashboard for diagnostics and generating management reports

Mobile content management solution provides seamless distribution of corporate content to mobile and remote end-users. Profile based configuration policy ensures that content is delivered to target users and groups as per specified rules and settings

Authentication and policy based engine allows highly configurable device, user and usage management