Depending upon the type selected, functionality can include authentication, physical building door access, out-of-band authentication, voice authentication and on-line transaction signatures.

The KT token series is ideal for authentication applications where portability and ease of use are paramount. These small devices fit comfortably on a key ring in any pocket or purse. A simple push of a button generates a one-time passcode. Through SafeNet Authentication Service, this highly configurable device can be customized for both security policy and user experience. During logon the user will respond to a password prompt by entering their PIN along with the new, one-time passcode generated by their token. Models in this series may include replaceable batteries.

KT Series tokens are small, easy-to-use devices that generate one-time passcodes. These tamper-resistant devices can be used wherever strong authentication is required. 

In addition, we offer the SafeNet Authentication eToken Pass, for more information click here.

Token of Choice
KT Series tokens are the standard for replacing time-based, fixed-life authenticators because they last longer, provide a higher degree of security and offer a significant improvement in PIN management. Among the key advantages:

  • They do not expire and therefore do not need to be repurchased and redistributed every few years resulting in incredible savings in money and administration.
  • Though delivered pre-programmed and ready-to-use, KT tokens can be reprogrammed at your site, allowing you to increase the strength of the generated passcodes or customize operation.
  • Options include passcodes comprised of up to 8 characters using a selectable combination of digits, upper and lower case letters and punctuation.
  • The option to use 8 character alphanumeric passcodes significantly improves security and usability relative to tokens limited to 6 digit passcodes.
  • After a typical battery lifespan of 5 - 6 years, you have the option of replacing the token batteries or returning the tokens to us for battery replacement at a nominal fee.
  • Tokens display a low battery warning 2-3 months before the batteries are exhausted.
  • All of our tokens use AES-256 bit encryption.

Key Features


The KT Series uses AES-256 bit encryption to generate OTPs comprised of digits, digits and letters or digits, letters and special characters for superior security.


KT tokens can be issued directly from Active Directory in con-junction with SafeNet Authentication Service integration, saving administrators time and money. Users can authenticate using their existing credentials until they’ve completed the simple yet secure KT token self-enrollment process.

Cost Effective:

KT Series tokens never expire and can be issued and revoked as often as desired. Automated provisioning, self-enrollment and replaceable batteries (KT-4) yields a very low total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

  • Variable OTP length: 6-8 characters Digits (0 - 9) Hexadecimal: (0 - 9, A - F) Base32 (0 - 9, A - Z)* Base64: (0 - 9, Aa - Zz, punctuation)*
  • Stronger passcodes
  • Better PIN management
  • 5 - 6 year battery life (typical)
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Low battery indicator
  • OTP / cycle selection
  • High contrast LCD display
  • Automatic power-off *KT-4


  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • RoHS compliant
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B certified
  • CE approved
  • Replaceable battery (CR-2032)