Knowing that passwords alone are inadequate for data protection, SafeNet designed the iKey™ 1000 USB token specifically as a portable and secure authentication token addressing the password replacement needs of both users and system administrators.

  • For Users: The SafeNet iKey 1000 USB token is convenient and easy-to-use; simply plug it into an open USB port and enter the iKey’s PIN.

  • For System Admins: The SafeNet iKey 1000 USB Token is a powerful authentication device incorporating random challenges and real-time calculated responses, while shielding the user from the underlying process.

The SafeNet iKey 1000 USB Token is a powerful, portable two-factor authentication device ideally suited for e-mail security, file encryption, Windows 2000/XP/2003 logon security, and iKey partner solutions. Additionally, included are client middleware software and drivers that allow the iKey to be used on a large range of workstation models.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 95 (OSR 2.5 or later) with MSCAPI and USB patches
  • Windows 98 or 98SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT 4 Desktop (SP6a or later)
  • Windows 2000 Pro and Server (SP2 or later)
  • Windows XP Home and Pro
  • Windows 2003 Server

Cryptographic APIs

  • PKCS #11 v2.01
  • Microsoft CryptoAPI (CAPI) 2.0, CSP
  • Applet PC/SC compliant
  • iKey Native CAPI Security
  • Cryptographic key generation, verification, and signing-in software
  • MD5 Hashing and Random Number Generation (in hardware)
  • 8KB EPROM ensures secure storage of keys, passwords, certificates, applications, and other data
  • Algorithms: RSA 1024, DSA, DES, and 3DES (in software)
  • Tamper-proof casing

Cryptographic Performance

  • USB communication speed at 1.5 Mbits
  • Maximum power consumption  at 28mA
  • 3 second write time for a 4 kb file
  • 1024-bit RSA (software)
  • X.509 digital certificate storage