High Speed Network Encryption - Secure Data in Motion


Data in Motion Security is a Moving Target

Gemalto offers proven High-Assurance Layer 2 network encryption for your sensitive data in motion, including real-time video and voice. We protect data when it's on the move from data centers, between multiple sites, to back up and disaster recovery, and from on-premise storage up to the cloud and back again.

SafeNet FIPS-certified network encryption devices offer the ideal solution for data in motion security, including time-sensitive voice and video streams, for enterprise and government organizations.

Network Encryptor Benefits:

  • Reduced Cost – SafeNet network encryption solutions encrypt at Layer 2, improving efficiency, and are simple to deploy, require little maintenance, and thus lower operational costs.

  • Maximum Performance – SafeNet network encryptors protect massive amounts of data with high throughput, zero latency, and minimal protocol overhead.

  • Central and Remote Management – With point-and-click, easy-to-use interface, and configuration wizards, it's simple to visualize, configure, modify, and manage network security – 5 minute installation and deployment.

High-Assurance Layer 2 Network Security Solutions

A powerful safeguard for data in motion, SafeNet High Speed Encryptors deliver proven, certified Layer 2 encryption capabilities that meet secure network performance demands for real-time low latency and near zero overhead to provide security without compromise for data on the move across the network.



Gemalto SafeNet High Speed Ethernet Encryptors

Gemalto is the world’s only provider of a complete portfolio of Ethernet encryption solutions – from network encryption appliances for enterprise, telecommunications, and government organizations to embedded security systems for network equipment manufacturers.


Certified Assurance Meets Ethernet Security

The SafeNet family of high speed encryption products provides the assurance of FIPS-, Common Criteria- and CAPs* certified security. Designed to support the growing movement towards these Ethernet services, the Ethernet Encryptors secure sensitive data more efficiently than higher layer protocols, thereby lowering the cost of network security and compliance.


Reduce Cost and Complexity of Compliance

As companies look to reduce the cost and complexity of compliance, carriers are providing more Layer 2 network services. Layer 2 encryption, such as that offered by SafeNet Ethernet encryption products, is the superior solution to protecting data in motion over the WAN, where it can be done with low latency and no additional increase in bandwidth.


Ease of Administration

SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors offer central management that provides ease of administration and audit reporting across multiple circuits and network protocols. We offer a range of Ethernet encryptors up to 10 Gbps.


*Approved models only


SafeNet Ethernet Encryptors' Features:

  • Government and defense grade assurance certified
  • Certified FIPS, Common Criteria, and CAPS*
  • No-compromise certified performance provides exceptional assurance, network performance and peace of mind
    • Near-zero latency
    • Maximum bandwidth
    • Minimum overhead
    • Scalable and flexible
    • Simple to manage
  • Secure transmission of data through Layer 2 networks
  • Defense-grade and ultra-reliable 99.999% up-time data security
  • FPGA flexibility:
    • Field Programmable Gate Array chip technology
    • Provides cut-through architecture
    • Enabling customization
  • Hardware flexibility not enabled by ASICs
  • Our high-speed encryptor technology is used by governments, defense forces and commercial organizations in more than 25 countries.


*Specific models





The quantum-powered multilink encryption of Layer 2 network Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic, providing up to 100 Gbps of total encrypted bandwidth, with no overhead and minimal latency in one compact high-density chassis.~


SafeNet CN6000 Series Encryptors

Addressing the security and performance demands of the largest, most performance-intensive environments, including those of enterprises, government agencies, and cloud service providers, the CN6000 Series encryptors offer variable-speed licenses up to 10 Gbps.

  • CN6100 10 Gbps Ethernet Encryptor: Market-leading, business-class encryptor, offering variable-speed licenses up to 10 Gbps.
  • CN6040 Ethernet/Fibre Channel Encryptor: Versatile encryptor that supports both encryption of data in transit over Ethernet, up to 1 Gbps, and Fibre Channel, up to 4 Gbps across storage area networks (SAN).
  • CN6010 Ethernet Encryptor: Scalable Ethernet encryptor with variable license speeds up to 1 Gbps.

SafeNet CN4000 Series Encryptors

Versatile and compact, entry-level 10 Mbps-1 Gbps Ethernet encryptors but without comprising network performance.

  • SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN4020: Provides optical Ethernet interface encryption in a versatile, compact platform for a range of Fibre to the x (FTTx) configurations up to 1 Gbps.
  • SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN4010: Compact encryptor for distributed computing environments and branch office locations with an electrical Ethernet interface (RJ- 45), featuring variable speed licenses up to 1 Gbps.

SafeNet Ethernet Encryption Management Platforms

  • SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC) Management Platform: Robust, web-based enterprise grade network management for high speed encryptors that streamlines management of SafeNet high speed encryptors deployed on the network
  • CM7 (CypherManager™) Management Platform: Versatile Ethernet from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps Ethernet, or 1, 2, or 4 Gbps Fibre Channel encryption for data in flight across storage area networks (SAN)


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