Gemalto Pattern-based Authentication Solution

Why Pattern-based Authentication?

  • You are looking for a secure and cost effective way to provide two-factor authentication for your applications.
  • You are looking for a two-factor authentication solution for your website with many users.

Gemalto SafeNet GriDSure

One-time Password without Hardware Tokens or Software Applications

SafeNet’s GrIDSure flexible authentication method allows an end-user to generate a one-time password without the requirement for hardware tokens or software applications. GrIDSure tokens work by presenting the end-user with a matrix of cells which contain random characters, from which they select a 'personal identification pattern' (PIP).

Whenever the end-user wishes to authenticate to a protected resource, the user is presented with a challenge grid containing random characters. The user then enters the characters in the cells that correspond to their PIP.

The end result is far superior to static passwords. Every time the challenge grid appears, the characters in the cells are different, so the user is always entering a one-time passcode. Plus, there's no hardware to lose.

Grid tokens currently protect popular applications, including:

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • SharePoint
  • Remote Web Workplace (RWW)
  • Other IIS 6 based applications
  • RDWeb
  • TSWeb
  • SSL VPN such as Juniper Networks & Cisco ASA

More information

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