Gemalto One-Time Password Authentication Devices

Why Gemalto (SafeNet): Authentication Devices

  • You are looking for the best one-time password (OTP) device that suits to your requirement.
  • You are looking for an OTP device that is programmable.
  • You are looking for a simple time-based OTP device.
  • You are looking for a challenge-response OTP device.

Gemalto (SafeNet): OTP for Two-factor Authentication Devices

Gemalto (SafeNet) is a leading enterprise authentication device solution provider with full range of the OTP authentication devices including time-based OTP, event-based OTP and challenge-response OTP as follows:


Gemalto IDProve 100 - Simple Time-based OTP Device

Gemalto offers IDProve 100 unconnected One Time Password Token (OTP) devices that provides a simple solution for secure remote access with strong authentication. IDProve 100 is end-user's PC independence and easy to use.

By pushing the only button on IDProve 100, the device will display 6-8 digits OTP that is time-based OTP. The user uses the displayed number to authenticate via any two-factor authentication solution to easily and securely access any enterprise system.

Gemalto SafeNet eToken PASS - Programmable Time-based and Event-based OTP Device

eToken PASS is a compact and portable one-time password (OTP) strong authentication device that allows organizations to conveniently and effectively establish OTP-based secure access to network resources, Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud applications and online services. With 5-7 years of battery lifetime, Gemalto SafeNet eToken PASS is a proper choice for enterprise two-factor authentication solution.

eToken PASS is a versatile solution designed to meet the diverse needs of users whose requirements may vary significantly across the organization. It provides a strong and scalable foundation for increasing employee productivity and complying with industry privacy and security regulations. In addition, eToken PASS is field programmable, enabling organizations to maintain control over their own OTP security data.

Gemalto SafeNet GOLD - OTP Authenticator with Challenge Response

Designed to protect identities and secure access, SafeNet’s GOLD authenticator is a highly effective two-factor OTP device that offers the added security of PIN protection and challenge response.

Straightforward to use, yet offering an added layer of security beyond regular one-time passwords, the GOLD is activated with a personal identification number (PIN), which prompts the authenticator to provide a one-time, dynamic password. The user then enters this password into the Web or network application to authenticate their identity.

In addition to offering PIN protection, GOLD’s advanced OTP and challenge response capabilities are designed to combat online fraud such as phishing, and help online service providers and banks maintain password integrity by making it more difficult for customers to loose or share passwords. The challenge response mechanism requires users to validate a numeric challenge on their GOLD authenticator. Only after validation, does the GOLD generate an OTP passcode which is used to complete the authentication procedure.

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