Gemalto Enterprise Authentication Server

Why Gemalto (SafeNet) Authentication Server?

  • You're looking for multi-factor authentication solution including one-time password (OTP), certificate-based authentication, software authentication,  context-based authentication, step-up authentication and smart-card solution
  • You're looking for single password and password management solution for enterprise applications and cloud applications using in your organization.


Gemalto (SafeNet) is a leading enterprise authentication server solution provider that covers all strong and multi-factor authentication solution to serve all demands in the market. There are three enterprise authentication server solutions as follows:

Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Manager

Enterprise Total Multi-Factor Authentication Solution


SafeNet Authentication Manager provides organizations with a comprehensive platform to manage the full authentication life cycle across the enterprise and extend strong authentication to the cloud using a single, integrated system.

Offering extensive management capabilities for SafeNet’s entire range of one-time password (OTP), certificate-based and software authentication solutions, context-based authentication and step-up authentication, SafeNet Authentication Manager enables organizations to address their current and evolving secure access needs.

Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service

Flexible Single Password and Password Management Solution for Enterprise Applications and Cloud

SafeNet Authentication Service allows organizations to use strong authentication anywhere a password is currently used. With support for RADIUS, SAML 2.0, APIs and dedicated agents, SafeNet Authentication Service has the flexibility and scalability to protect your entire IT ecosystem including secure cloud access, web portal access control, secure VPN access, VDI security and secure local network access.

Organizations that want to benefit from cloud efficiencies can opt for SafeNet Authentication Service delivered from the cloud, while those that prefer on-premises delivery get all the benefits of SafeNet's cloud service installed in their own data centers.

Moreover, SafeNet Authentication Service offers a multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture that lets service providers and MSSPs set up their own cloud-based strong authentication services. This could be a new business models for systems integrators, ISPs and cloud service providers that have customers in any industry.

Gemalto vSEC:CMS

Enterprise Smart Card Management System

vSEC:CMS will change your views on how to manage the lifecycle identity tokens such as smart cards. Now you can implement an advanced and feature-rich system in minutes, rather than months. vSEC:CMS is an innovative, easily integrated, and cost effective Smart Card Management System (CMS) that will help you deploy and manage smart cards within your organization.

vSEC:CMS is available in three different forms:

S-Series, the complete smart card management system

vSEC:CMS S-Series is the server-based complete smart card management system that can centrally manage full smart card life cycle.  The S-Series is designed for several operators and users working in parallel with permission control applied per user.

T-Series, the token based card management system

vSEC:CMS T-Series is a smart card management system delivered via a secure USB token. Organizations can start using smart card management system without investment in new expensive server hardware.

K-Series, the smart card tool for small (5-50 users) smart card projects in an early stage

vSEC:CMS K-Series is a starter kit for organization looking for smart card management solution with 5-50 users. The K-Series can be download to test for free by registering at It is also be able to upgrade the license into other version to support more users and features in case that your organization is growing and demand more for smart card management functions.

More information

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