Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. Datto’s 250+ PB purpose-built cloud and family of software and hardware devices provide Total Data Protection everywhere business data lives. Whether your data is on-prem in a physical or virtual server, or in the cloud via SaaS applications, only Datto offers end-to-end recoverability and single-vendor accountability.

Datto’s innovative technologies include Instant Virtualization, Screenshot Backup Verification™, Inverse Chain Technology™, Backup Insights™, and end-to-end encryption. All Datto solutions are supported by 24/7/365 in-house technical support and selected products offer time-based cloud data retention, for predictable billing and budget management.


Complete data backup, recovery and business continuity in one platform

Datto SIRIS 3 is the first complete data protection and business continuity solution delivered on one platform. The SIRIS 3 solution can be deployed on a purpose-built Datto appliance, in a virtualized environment, or imaged for use on existing hardware.

Business data can be backed up to a local device in real time and synchronized with the 250+ PB Datto Cloud, which provides geo-redundancy, data integrity and location-specific sovereignty.

SIRIS 3 comes complete with Instant Virtualization technology that enables whole infrastructures to be spun up in a matter of seconds, either on a local device or in the cloud. As such, SIRIS 3 significantly reduces RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for small and mid-sized businesses.




Datto utilizes Hybrid Cloud technology to improve redundancy and give users greater protection for their systems and data. The SIRIS appliance provides workstations and servers with local data protection. From there it is automatically and securely transmitted to the secure Datto Cloud, providing local and remote data protection and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). All with a solution that can literally be installed and protecting servers in minutes.

Datto uses image-based backup technology to take a complete picture of the workstation or server. This, combined with Inverse Chain Technology makes backup dependency chains a thing of the past. Each backup is fully independent from previous backups, providing maximum data integrity while optimizing storage efficiency.


Instant Virtualization allows image-level backups of on-prem servers (physical and virtual) to be virtualized locally on the Datto appliance or in Datto's secure cloud. Ten second launch times regardless of the recovery point selected.


Automated Backup Verification

Screenshot Backup Verification automatically validates backup integrity after completion. Large quantities of protected servers, even across a fleet of Datto appliances, can have backups validated at a frequency never before possible. Screenshot Backup Verification is supported on both Windows and Linux (an industry first!)


Backup Insights

Backup Insights provides the capability to see what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two backups, and even instantly restore those files directly from the web interface.




Datto SIRIS 3 Appliance

Datto’s purpose-built SIRIS 3 high-performance appliances are tailored to the specific requirements of the SIRIS solution and packed with the latest generation of components. Each comes complete with multiple 10 gigabit ethernet interfaces and the latest generation of multi-core Intel XEON CPUs and DDR4 memory for increased performance as well as an IPMI for remote lights-out management. Built and unit-tested by Datto all devices come with a standard 5-year warranty. Storage capacity ranges from 500GB to 60TB, with field upgrades available to provide additional capacity as your business scales.



The Datto SIRIS 3 X1 provides the full feature set of the SIRIS 3 platform delivered as a small form-factor all-flash device. Intended as an entry level SIRIS deployment appliance, the X1 is licensed to protect a single server, comes with a 1TB solid state drive and 16GB of RAM and can perform local virtualization directly on the appliance.


Datto SIRIS 3 Virtual

The Datto SIRIS 3 Virtual appliance provides the full feature set of the SIRIS 3 platform for businesses that prefer implementing a virtualized service. SIRIS 3 Virtual supports VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer and is available in an array of local storage options, ranging from 500GB to 60TB.


Datto SIRIS 3 Imaged

Datto SIRIS 3 Imaged is a SIRIS 3 appliance built using a USB-based imaging tool that can convert a wide array of backup, disaster recovery (BDR) appliances, and other user-provided hardware, into a full feature Datto SIRIS 3 appliance. A SIRIS 3 Imaged appliance contains the entire SIRIS 3 platform.


Datto Backupify

Datto Backupify is the leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for software-as-a-service applications, including Google Apps, Office 365, and Salesforce. Nearly two million business customers rely on Backupify.

Backupify for Office 365 includes Emails, Calendars, Folders, OneDrive, and SharePoint


Datto OwnCloud on SIRIS 3

An enterprise file sync and share solution—made for the “on-the-go” business like you. Share, access, and synchronize files stored on your SIRIS device from anywhere, using your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.


Contact Bangkok System Software, the authorized distributor of this product in Thailand, at Kris, IT Security Solution Manager via 085-552-2333 andkrisnawani@bangkoksystem.com for more information, request for presentation and demonstration or price inquiry. You can also visit vendor's website at http://www.datto.com/.