Industry Trends and the Need for Secure Digital Identity

Three key industry trends are driving the need for secure digital identity. The emergence of BYOD ‘bring your own device’ computing; the federated internet, where application services are connected over public networks; and the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ with IP and OS enabled devices providing a flood of sensor derived data from medical, utility, manufacturing and other uses.

These trends are driving massive infrastructure development across the enterprise, but the underlying mechanism that drives the secure connectivity between all these scenarios is public/private key infrastructure (PKI). PKI relies on trusted relationships to establish and manage identity, encryption and signing/authorization between services, users and devices.

The CMS Advantage

Certificate Management System (CMS) is the leading product for issuing and managing certificates across these infrastructures. Uniquely designed for making the issuance, revocation, and management of ALL the certificates in an organization highly scalable and cryptographically secure. CMS is the only certificate management product in the industry that is not based on a model of “per certificate fees.” As the three trends outlined above accelerate, today’s enterprise will experience an explosion in the number of certificates that are under management. With on device support for Linux, Java and Windows certificate processes and a deep reporting and alerting infrastructure, CMS brings IT professionals everything they need to manage their certificate infrastructure.


CMS is a feature rich product that has been created through tens of thousands of hours of real time experience in the world of Public Key Infrastructure. This is not just a reporting tool, but an operational framework for the Enterprise that wants to proficiently and proactively use PKI as a core technology for the protection of their identities, devices, applications, and data.

While digital certificates all have the common characteristics to provision, revoke, recover, review, and replace; we view CMS from a perspective of Operations, Enterprise Platform, Technology and Affordability. Each of these complement the implementation of an Enterprise ready solution.

Digital Certificates in the Enterprise

Enterprises need the ability to protect their employees, clients and intellectual property. CSS believes that if a device is going to share data over a network it should do so in a scalable, affordable, cost effective manner, with proven security technology. The implementation of digital certificates allow for cryptographically sound technology to be integrated easily while significantly improving the end-user experience and substantially improving the security posture of the enterprise.

Digital Identity

  • WiFi
  • BYOD
  • Application Validation
  • Provisioning Identities
  • Smart Cards/Multi-Factor

Data Encryption

  • Hard drive encryption
  • File encryption
  • VPN access
  • SSL

Signing & Assurance

  • E-commerce
  • Document Signing
  • Application Signing
  • Non-Repudiation