Certified Security Solutions: 
Certification Management System

Why Certified Security Solutions?

  • Your organization has a road map to use certfication as one of the mandatory security requirement for all IT systems.
  • Multi-factor authentication has been used in your organization and certificate is one of that factor.
  • You are managing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and has so many problem about it.

Certified Security Solutions Certification Management System for Enterprise


Designed to help enterprises minimize security risk, avoid exercises in crisis management and maintain a positive reputation by meeting uptime system goals, the Certificate Management System (CMS) allows enterprises to quickly and efficiently manage a scalable volume of digital certificates with monitoring, reporting and alerts.

CMS prevents enterprise outages and data breaches by first discovering then ensuring the health and validity of digital certificates serving as methods of digital identification for communications within your enterprise. Designed specifically for making the issuance, revocation, and lifecycle of all the certificates in an organization scalable and highly secure, CMS brings IT professionals everything they need to manage all of their digital certificates at scale.

Certified Security Solutions (CSS) builds its software and services around digital identity which includes three core components:

  • Encryption
  • Digital Signatures
  • Authentication

Certificate Management System (CMS) provides on-device support for iOS, Mac, Linux, Java, and Windows certificate processes.

Automate digital certificate management to prevent costly outages or breaches before they happen

Protect information     

  • Encrypt emails, hard drives, and files
  • Secure SSL/TLS transmissions

Prevent fraud and achieve non-repudiation

  • Sign documents
  • Sign code
  • Sign emails

Eliminate passwords and achieve non-repudiation

  • Strong authentication
  • Enable Wi-Fi, VPN, direct access, card access
  • Validate applications
  • Establish device identities īš˜ server, client, BYOD
  • Microsoft Application Development Gold Certified

Maximize your PKI and certificate investment

  • Deploy & manage millions of certificates with no per cert fees
  • Low cost of entry
  • Scalable across organizational boundaries, forests, and domains 

More information

Contact Bangkok System Software, the authorized distributor of this product in Thailand, at Kris, IT Security Solution Manager via 085-552-2333 and krisnawani@bangkoksystem.com for more information, request for presentation and demonstration or price inquiry. You can also visit vendor's website at https://www.css-security.com/.