SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) places all security-related management under on centralized enterprise server including policies, password rules and the management of encryption ranging from SecureDoc’s software encryption for PCs or embedded OS encryption for Windows (BitLocker) and OS X (FileVault 2) to the management of hardware based encryption with SEDs and Enterprise Drives.

In addition to a server-based application console, SecureDoc also offers a Web-based console for administrators. The SES web console provides a web-based interface for SecureDoc Enterprise Server, WinMagic’s solution for managing encrypted devices in an enterprise environment. Featuring a clean and intuitive interface, the SES web console makes it significantly easier for administrators to manage their SecureDoc install-base.

The SES web console supports many of the daily administration features provided by the SecureDoc Enterprise Server, including user, administrator, device, recovery, password and report management. The SES web console enables Mobile Device Management (MDM)options, giving administrators convenient access to all SES settings.