iboss Threat & Event Console Reporting

The iboss exclusive Threat & Event Console delivers powerful insight into all your Internet traffic with capabilities that are integrated across all iboss Web, Data and Mobile Security solutions. The console is easy to use, with a highly-responsive, intuitive interface, guided interactive wizards, and customizable reporting templates. Within seconds, go from organization-wide visibility, to a 360-degree view of each network user, including Web activity, application use, bandwidth consumption, data loss risks and more.

Live Bandwidth Dashboard and Dynamic Plotter

The iboss Live Bandwidth Dashboard is proprietary technology designed to give administrators granular visibility and control over bandwidth consumption with exclusive features such as geotagging, reverse-geomapping of IP address to organization and user, and map overview. The dynamic bandwidth plotter provides a heat map that allows you to instantly track potential threats by connection, location, individual packets or data usage. This feature is integrated with iboss Intelligent Bandwidth Management, enabling you to optimize network performance so you can ensure mission-critical traffic even during high-saturation periods

Live Threat Dashboard

The iboss Live Threat Dashboard provides immediate insight into threats, suspicious events, and liability risks that can result in AUP or regulatory violations, data loss or costly litigation. Get an instant snapshot of trouble spots before they cause serious damage.

GeoMapping with Global HeatMap

The Threat & Event Console includes location-aware technology that increases threat identification and mitigation with location awareness, allowing you to track bandwidth usage globally, and instantly detect inbound/outbound data transfers from threat hotspots. Data transfers are shown on a map enabling you to know your connection sources and determine where and with whom, your network is connecting.

Desktop Monitor/Control/Record

The iboss Desktop Monitor/Control/Record (DMCR) tool provides exclusive, actionable intelligence on suspicious events by recording user activity and alerting you when policy violations are detected. Recordings are activated by the triggers you set, allowing you to monitor, record and control up to 10 desktops per monitor simultaneously. The iboss DMCR is a patent-pending feature that no other cybersecurity solution offers.

Web Security Reporting

iboss’ Reporting and Log Management tools go beyond standard static reporting, to deliver proactive indexing and archiving that enable instant drill-down access to user activity, threats and bandwidth consumption. With iboss dynamic indexing, you can analyze group activities, or drill-down to an individual user and compare your data across a wide range of parameters, all within seconds.