The advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs into the corporate sector is gaining momentum because of the astonishing results that BYOD brings to personal productivity and business performance. Small, medium and large scale enterprises are benefitting from BYOD adoption no matter what vertical industry they are a part of or the scale of mobile devices to be deployed. Freedom to adopt devices of their choice and 24/7 access from anywhere allows users to improve productivity and positively impact business results. These consumer devices used for accessing corporate data, e-mails and line-of-business applications can be comprehensively managed with SOTI’s enterprise-grade mobile device management solution.

Your BYOD Requirements

BYOD and Acceptable Use Policy - Define hardware and software standards, procedures and user responsibilities to comply with BYOD corporate policy.

Support Users and Manage Devices - Provide end-to-end mobile device management solution supporting multi OS platform and endpoint device diversity

Scalability - Comprehensive visibility, robust control and remote support enabling unlimited flexibility to localize settings for specific users or globalize according to group policies

Monitor and Manage - Standardize or customize dashboard analytics, and generate real-time accurate business intelligence to support business objectives

User Compliance to Mitigate Exposure to Risk - Maintain consistent secure access to corporate resources by enforcing enterprise-grade security protocols, and by locking and preventing the removal of mobile device management profile

Mobile device management for BYOD is complex and challenging given the dynamic technology changes occurring in consumer mobility. Adopting enterprise standards to adapt to shifting consumer choices is the only way for enterprises to accommodate and stay on top of this tidal wave of IT consumerization.

Advantages of SOTI’s MDM Solution for BYOD

BYOD ready to scale and deploy with enterprise grade security and manageability

Proven and preferred MDM solution managing millions of mobile devices for customers across all vertical markets globally, supported by 450+ partners in over 170 countries

Single software platform for managing mobility endpoints across OEMs and Operating systems

End-to-end solutions partner committed to supporting customer requirements