Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management

iboss BYOD management allows you to accurately identify BYOD users on networks not using a NAC, by providing a captive portal that automatically binds devices to a network directory or LDAP. This allows you to apply group-based policies to your BYOD users to assure consistent policy enforcement whether they are on wired or wireless devices.

iboss Web Security includes exclusive integrated BYOD Management that gives you the tools you need to enforce policies and secure mobile devices against malware, botnets and data loss, while assuring that BYOD bandwidth use doesn’t impede your mission-critical traffic. And iboss granular management helps you secure your BYOD users without risking their privacy. iboss BYOD tools are completely integrated and included in the iboss Web Security.

iboss Secure Web Gateway BYOD Benefits:

  • A customizable captive portal automatically binds BYOD users to directory services including Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory, and LDAP for both wired and wireless connections
  • Assures accurate user-based policy enforcement and reporting across all BYOD user devices
  • Includes location awareness that helps protect user privacy when they are off the corporate premises
  • Operating System (OS) independence provides flexibility to bind any device to the network
  • Scans and filters for known and unknown threats including Malware, Botnets, and data loss
  • Includes High Risk User Auto Quarantine that automatically locks users attempting illegal activity such as music and file downloading
  • Ensure Mission Critical traffic is not interrupted by recreational BYOD traffic with the integrated Intelligent Bandwidth Shaper
  • Support for Apple BYOD devices provides no-touch enrollment via iboss MobileEther MDM

MobileEther Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Support

If your organization deploys multiple Apple devices that are reissued, or used by more than one person, you are aware of the burden created by having to re-enroll each device and bind users to the correct policy group, whenever an Apple or Mac device is deployed.

iboss MobileEther MDM supports forced automatic enrollment of Mac and Apple devices across your network and transparently binds each user to your configuration and Web security policies, without the administrator having the cumbersome task of enrolling each device individually. Devices are enrolled over the air, without the need for a Mac computer or an Apple Configurator and protected by iboss MobileEther, which can’t be uninstalled and offers full MDM functionality, including the ability to wipe stolen or lost devices automatically. This functionality can save your IT department hundreds of hours by streamlining device enrollment, while also increasing security, ensuring accurate policy enforcement and providing device protection.

iboss MobileEther DEP Support Features:

  • Allows you to bulk manage serial numbers and synchronize them with DEP to particular device groups
  • Web security policies are enabled out-of-box for accurate enforcement and reporting
  • Enables your users to setup their devices, and even provides a simplified setup assistant, so they are configured automatically to join the MDM
  • Automatically re-enrolls devices even if they are reset to factory defaults
  • Allows you to setup and apply policies before turning the devices on
  • Requires a profile to be on the device before syncing DEP to ensure accurate policy enforcement
  • Lock users’ MDM profiles to prevent them from circumventing organization policies
  • Assign devices to different user profiles when syncing them, allowing you to configure profiles for different access rights
  • Conserve IT resources by delegating administrators in Apple’s DEP portal to manage devices