BriefCam - Your Video Search Engine

Why BriefCam?

  • Video surveillance system is the heart of your business and you need smarter video surveillance system to help your team work more effectively.
  • Your video data are generated in large amount everyday and it needs some tools to extract useful information from it.
  • You want to analyze events that occurred in your organization or your business via your CCTV camera. 

BriefCam Video Synopsis

BriefCam's best-of-breed Video Synopsis® technology helps everyone, from law enforcement, government and public security organization to private security and corporate entities, to extract value and actionable information from video, and secure their environments.

Video Synopsis® for rapid video review, search and analysis is the simultaneous presentation of events that occurred at different times. BriefCam Syndex® offers a powerful set of video review tools for locating events of interest so that users can reach targets more quickly than ever before.



  • Control object attributes (e.g., size, direction, speed, color)
  • Hours of video reviewed in minutes
  • 1 click event selection indexes back to the original video
  • 1 click export of Video Synopsis or original video
  • Bookmarks and annotate objects for team collaboration
  • Areas of Interest
  • Areas of Exclusion
  • Easy to install and Operate


  • Discover previously unreported events
  • Get better evidence faster
  • Reduce manpower time and costs
  • Export and share investigation information
  • Object attribute control reduces review time
  • Integrates user's experience and intuition

Enterprises are using BriefCam today for:

  • Loss Prevention – Shoplifting
  • Smash & Grabs – Parking lot monitoring
  • Slip & Fall – Fraudulent claims
  • Employee Monitoring – Fraud, theft, inventory shrinkage
  • Operations Optimization – Identify traffic patterns and paths


Advanced computer vision capabilities

At the core of BriefCam is a highly refined engine developed by a team that’s headed by one of the world’s leading computer vision and machine learning experts.

As BriefCam processes video, it recognizes and extracts objects, along with information about those objects, such as color, direction, dwell time, size, path, speed, and more.

This may sound easy, but the ability to extract, isolate and differentiate between independent objects, especially if the scene contains small or distant objects, poor illumination, background distractions or high activity, is difficult.

In order to accomplish this, BriefCam's R&D team has solved hundreds of computer vision challenges. The result is a complete, integrated solution for BriefCam's partners.


Additional computer vision & machine learning capabilities in development.

BriefCam’s labs are always working on new features. For example, we’re adding the automatic ability to classify and refine query results by object types, such as people, vehicles, packages, etc.

Users will be able to submit queries such as “show me trucks” or “show me people wearing red.”

Every new feature creates superb differentiated value, unique to each partner’s needs.


Extended capabilities through third party metadata.

We connect video time stamps to metadata from other systems to create tight custom integrations. For example, if you have an ID badge system in your environment, we can pair that information to video. The same goes with audio feeds, motion sensors, smoke detectors and more. Not only do you have the alert from the third party feed, but the video of what happened at that exact moment, along with more efficient presentation and rich query formulation capabilities.


How BriefCam Works

1. Upload video to BriefCam on BriefCam's cloud or your organization's cloud

2. BriefCam separates the dynamic, moving objects from static background with complex algorithms to determine the boundary of relevant distinct objects on the screen

3. All separated objects with metadata of each object are added to the database. Prepare every events to be searched and generated into reports.

4. Object recognition are added to enable semantic queries such as "Show me all the blue cars passing by."

5. All information are displayed in a single frame with all metadata and object descriptions.


BriefCam's Versions


BriefCam's Architecture

Syndex FS

Syndex EP

Syndex FS+

Syndex EP+


More information

Contact Bangkok System Software, the authorized distributor of this product in Thailand, at Kris, IT Security Solution Manager via 085-552-2333 and for more information, request for presentation and demonstration or price inquiry. You can also visit vendor's website at