Fool Proof Your BitLocker Deployments

BitLocker is a solid starting point for device encryption on native OS, but enterprises need more if they are to have a true comprehensive strategy for securing all devices across various platforms. WinMagic can manage your BitLocker deployment, leverage your existing investment and layer additional security functionality to fully realize the benefits of FDE on all platforms. A solution that can provide more granular control through better user and administrator flexibility as well as unique pre-boot authentication technology to lower IT costs and increase IT efficiency.

One Console, Many Possibilities

MBAM, while a good solution for managing BitLocker deployments, it cannot manage everything in the enterprise – it’s Windows only. If there is Mac, Linux or other systems that require security and protection, it can’t be addressed by BitLocker and can’t be managed by MBAM. SecureDoc is platform agnostic, not limited to Windows-based devices and protects sensitive data residing in laptops, desktops, mobile devices, servers, removable media and SEDs.

Bitlocker Management Simplified

SecureDoc improves upon BitLocker’s encryption capabilities. Designed with the heterogeneous IT environment in mind, SecureDoc organizes all security-related management under one centralized enterprise server including policies, password rules, and the manageability of encryption across SEDs, TPM, PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Using SecureDoc, enterprises can manage BitLocker within this single umbrella.

Add Pre-Boot Network Authentication to BitLocker

SecureDoc further enhances BitLocker by being the only data encryption and management solution that supports pre-boot network authentication (PBNA) through its PBConnex technology, which uses network-based resources to authenticate users, enforce access controls, and manage end point devices before the operating system loads. PBConnex enhances security through authentication at pre-boot rather than at the Windows login and improves policy protection by making it easy for administrators to push system updates.

Simplified Data Security

WinMagic’s SecureDoc offers a number of features that enhances a BitLocker deployment by making it more secure, easier to manage and more user-friendly:

  • Secure and Self-Help Password Recovery
  • Simplified Password Recovery
  • Password Synchronization, Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Support for Self-Encrypting Drives
  • No TPM Chip Required
  • Multiple Platform Support