SOTI MobiControl builds on its experience in iOS management with powerful security and management features designed to secure the device without disrupting the iOS user experience. With MobiControl’s advanced features, enterprises have granular control of how iOS devices are used, and how data is accessed to ensure sensitive corporate information is kept in authorized hands only. 

SOTI MobiControl offers a quick and easy way to manage iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices allowing enterprises the ability to remotely secure, track, configure and support their corporate or personally (employee)-owned devices. With integrated application and content management and support for Apple iOS Enterprise Deployment Programs, MobiControl is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution of choice to take charge of your iOS deployment.

Apple iOS Enterprise Deployment Programs 

SOTI support for Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) provides IT administrators with the ability to streamline deployment of iOS devices for institutions purchasing and deploying iOS at scale. Customers deploying institutionally or corporately owned iOS devices can now simplify pre-configuration, saving time and significant cost. Devices that are under Apple’s Device Enrolment Program are not required to be passed by the IT administrator’s desk, as device enrolment and configuration occurs as a part of the device activation.

Advanced Security

MobiControl's advanced security center allows businesses to have granular control of how iOS devices are used and how data is accessed to ensure sensitive corporate information is kept in authorized hands only.

  • Active Directory Integration 

Prompts users to meet user name and password requirements before enrollment begins to ensure corporate access is reserved for privileged employees only. Custom authentication policies force end-users to meet configurable strong password requirements to protect device access and even trigger a device data wipe after an administrator- specified amount of failed password attempts. 

  • SSL Encryption 

All data transfer and communication between MobiControl and managed iOS devices are SSL encrypted and conform to Apple's mandated security provisions, including Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) and AES 256 data encryption. MobiControl's certificate management allows businesses to upload certificates to the console for distribution among managed iOS devices for authorized use of corporate email, WiFi access, and secured applications. 

  • Remote Lockdown 

With MobiControl, businesses can detect compromised or jail broken iOS devices and immediately force remote security actions to prohibit access to the corporate network or data. MobiControl users can choose to wipe the entire device, removing all data and settings back to factory default, or wipe the corporate sandbox only, removing all corporate data and settings configured by MobiControl. If a device is lost or stolen, administrators can remotely lock the device, forcing the user to enter a correct password to gain access. If a user forgets their password, administrators can remotely unlock the device to clear the password.

  • Security Flexibility 

MobiControl's dynamic security options solve the challenge of managing both corporate-owned and personally- owned devices from a single solution. For corporate devices, administrators can take an aggressive approach to configuration by restricting unnecessary device features and applications, and engaging entire device data wipes if necessary. For personal devices, businesses can democratically manage an isolated corporate sandbox and selectively wipe specific data and settings without affecting personal data such as photos, music, and contacts. This security flexibility helps enterprises ensure their corporate information is kept secure on any iOS device while maintaining a welcoming environment for personal devices to connect to.

Remote Help Desk

MobiControl's remote view & 2 way chat technology optimizes adminstrator and end user helpdesk interaction.

MobiControl equips support personnel with a powerful remote agent view and live two- way chat to optimize help desk interaction. This feature allows remote technicians to monitor and support the MobiControl agent user activity on any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Capture remote screen shots and live video recording of the application screens for review and demonstration purposes. For efficient help desk communication to and from end- users, a convenient two-way chat utility offers a real- time exchange of clear text messages in a familiar iOS user interface. Communicate clear instructions and information to end users in seconds without having to spend the time or money to pick up the phone!

Secure Content Library

Securely distribute and manage access to corporate documents and resources. 

  • Upload files to devices and specify destination folder on device
  • Manage any file format supported by the device
  • Manage file versioning on the device
  • Configure on demand and push delivery for file synchronization

Telecom Expense Management

Set up group and individual voice and data profiles to easily monitor mobile data and voice usage limits. 

  • Configure soft and hard thresholds for notifications on mobile voice and data usage
  • Define actions (send notifications to IT admins, trigger device alerts)
  • Create groups for further monitoring and action

Certificate Management

Add, renew, revoke and deliver authentication certificates from a certificate authority to managed devices.

Location Based Services / Geofencing

Real-time location tracking and historical bread crumbing of device movement anywhere in the world. Use MobiControl to find lost or stolen devices and monitor device movement any time. With Geofencing, you can establish a virtual boundary for your devices and trigger alerts and actions upon device entry and exit. 

MobiControl location services for iOS include real-time locate, real-time tracking of device movement, and historical bread crumb tracking of where a device has been. Device location coordinates are plotted on an interactive map to illustrate where mobile devices are at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Dynamic Asset Management

MobiControl equips support personnel with powerful remote control and help desk tools to diagnose and fix problems efficiently. Support staff can login to remote devices to see exactly what the remote user sees in real-time and to manage and view: services, tasks, file system and registry of a mobile device. This results in a decrease in downtime and labor costs and contributes to a decreased total cost of ownership. Also, the great two-way chat feature eases communication between the device user and helpdesk staff. 

Customizable device groups allow administrators to strategically organize devices based on location, team, or departments to best fit a company's organizational structure. Businesses can effectively manage the mobile fleet by individual devices or by groups of devices to increase productivity and speed of service, saving valuable time and money. When a device user moves to another department, simply click and drag their device to the new department group to inherit new group settings!

MobiControl's contemporary web console offers a readily accessible holistic view of the entire mobility estate. The brand new user interface automatically categorizes devices based on platform, allowing administrators to manage Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices in one central tool that simplifies mobile diversity for the business. Using Active Directory or unique password credentials to authenticate, end-users can enroll their iOS devices wirelessly into the corporate network in less than a minute! After enrolled into MobiControl, businesses can view and audit on an extensive list of real- time device information:

  • Device Name
  • Personalized Device Name
  • Device ID
  • Phone ID (IMEI, MEID, ESN)
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • Battery Status
  • Phone #
  • Cellular Carrier
  • Available/Total Memory
  • Available/Total Storage
  • Platform
  • Operating System Version
  • Model
  • Agent Version
  • Last Connected
  • Last Disconnected
  • Security Status (Jail break detection)
  • Installed Applications

Wireless Device Configuration

MobiControl can customize iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device settings and features over the air, on a mass scale! Businesses can optimize user productivity and enforce security policies by deploying encrypted configurations profiles to one or many iOS devices at a time. Enjoy MobiControl's unique console design to change user settings, configure authorized corporate access, and block applications and features with confidence. 

MobiControl iOS Device Settings Configurations:

  • Password Complexity
  • Password History
  • Password Enforcement
  • MS Exchange Active Sync Email, Calendar, & Contacts
  • IMAP/POP Email Accounts
  • Internet Browser Security
  • Media Content Ratings
  • Wi-Fi Settings
  • VPN Settings
  • APN Settings

MobiControl iOS Device Feature Restrictions:

  • Internet Browser
  • App Store
  • YouTube
  • App Install
  • In-App Purchasing
  • Camera
  • FaceTime
  • Voice Dialing
  • Multi-Player Gaming
  • Screen Capture
  • Explicit Media
  • Automatic Sync while Roaming

Wireless Application Deployment

MobiControl offers advanced application management options for businesses to deploy and monitor applications on iOS devices. At any given time, an administrator can capture and report on a live inventory of all applications installed on managed iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices. This allows businesses to best understand what 3rd Party App Store applications and In-House Enterprise applications are being used on particular devices. For example, if users are prohibited from downloading games from the App store, administrators can easily determine violators and exercise disciplinary action. 

MobiControl administrators can enjoy configuring an Enterprise Application Catalog, designed to deploy recommended 3rd party and customized enterprise applications to iOS devices. Businesses can recommend preferred App Store applications for users to install via the Application Catalog with mandatory or recommended suggestions. Apple's Enterprise Developer Program is particularly valuable, as it enables businesses to develop proprietary in-house applications without having to publish them to the iTunes App Store. MobiControl's Enterprise Application Catalog provides a private portal for businesses to add, edit, and delete such enterprise applications for over the air deployment to provisioned devices. Appearing as an icon on the iOS device, end-userthe Applications Catalog can be utilized by the end-user to quickly and easily install and update important line of business applications without having to connect to iTunes or download from the App Store. MobiControl administrators will be able to customize Enterprise Application Catalogs as per device or group of devices, and audit successful or pending installations in real time.


MobiControl proactively alerts console administrators on both server- side and device -side events. 

  • Configure custom alerts
  • MobiControl automatically triggers a notification advising of specific happenings.
    • Device events such as devices connecting/disconnecting from the deployment server, device is roaming, feature not supported, user rejected Terms and conditions, etc.
    • Device status and custom data
    • Geofence alert
  • MobiControl will throw an alert to ensure the administrator is aware of important performance and security concerns


MobiControl's advanced data collection gives businesses the power to view and store a wealth of live device information to be used for essential analytical reporting. From battery status to installed applications, MobiControl collects vital device data in real –time, allowing administrators to generate detailed reports in a few mouse clicks. A robust reporting engine is used to account for important system performance, device status, and application deployments. MobiControl's standard reports offer an ideal visual representation of the mobile device statistics that matter the most.

Terms and Conditions

Standardize and enforce an acceptable use policy, and bring your mobile workforce in alignment with your corporate IT strategy. 

  • Create custom Terms and Conditions pages on the MobiControl deployment server for device enrollment
  • Enforce acceptance of Terms and Conditions to enroll the device with MobiControl

Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) Integration

Centrally manage and monitor the distribution of VPP redemption codes throughout your organization. 

Businesses in the United States that purchase apps by volume through Apple's VPP program can upload their VPP redemption codes to MobiControl to be distributed to managed devices. MobiControl reports on the progress of end users redeeming such codes to monitor which employees have successfully installed deployed applications.

File Synchronization

Manage device files and folders over the air. 

  • MobiControl can synchronize files and folders between devices and servers on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.
  • Equip employees with up to date corporate resources with special read and write to device storage privileges

APNS Certificate Generation Process

SOTI can help you generate an Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certificate for Free without the need of an iOS Developer account. 

SOTI can assist in generating an APNS Certificate, a prerequisite from Apple in order to manage any iOS device over the air. Organizations no longer need to become members of an iOS Enrollment Program to obtain an APNS certificate. Simply contact SOTI ( and our support staff will assist in the APNS Generation process absolutely free!

APNS Messaging

Message iOS devices using Apple's Push Notification Service. 

MobiControl integrates with Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS) to be able to communicate directly to managed iOS devices within a native messaging interface. Communicate quickly with end users without the hassle of email or incurring cellular text/voice charges.

Mobicontrol SDK For iOS

A revolutionary way to manage, enhance & support enterprise apps. 

SOTI's MobiControl SDK for iOS now supports iOS 6 devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, in addition to supporting devices running iOS 4 and higher! It seamlessly integrates MobiControl's advanced device management solution and remote helpdesk capabilities with custom developed enterprise applications. This allows ISVs and Enterprise Application Developers to remotely support their deployments and enhance their applications with critical mobile device management security features provided by MobiControl.

Apple's Provisioning Profile Manager

Secure Enterprise Applications by managing provisioning profiles. 

Profiles are used to authenticate user access to Apple applications. MobiControl allows business to distribute, update, and revoke Provisioning Profiles to secure their proprietary enterprise applications.

Configure Web Clips

Create URL shortcuts on device home screens. 

Clips are Apple iOS device icons that provide the end user an active link to a specified URL. MobiControl allows the administrator to configure multiple web clips to direct device users to important web pages or corporate documents such as PDF files hosted on the web.