SOTI MobiControl makes it simple, quick and safe to manage a variety of devices running Google Android. Now enterprises can ensure that both corporate and employee-owned Android devices are secured, tracked, configured and supported over-the-air in one multi-platform web solution.

Advanced Security Management

MobiControl Advanced Security Center provides administrators with the most comprehensive suite of Android Device Management capabilities. Enjoy granular control over how the latest Android devices are used and how data is accessed.

Web Filter Policy 

Enforce and control web access policies to ensure secure, safe and authorized access to web content.

  • Configure web filtering policies to block access to specific URLs
  • Specify a URL for device redirection
  • Create a whitelist of acceptable URLs

Antivirus/Malware Protection Policy 

Monitor device file system and installed applications for malware and viruses

  • Quarantine infected applications and files on device
  • Schedule antivirus scanning, virus definition updates, and quarantine management
  • Configure antivirus whitelists

Out of Contact Device Policy 

Alert and take action on devices that have been out-of-contact for a period of time.

  • Enable out-of-contact policies based on last connection time and enforce device side actions
  • Log events, show messages, wipe device, activate data connection
  • Enable flexible script-based execution for IT administrators to specify any action currently supported by MobiControl

Phone Call Policy 

Whitelist or blacklist specific phone numbers for groups or individual users.

  • Enforce granular control over incoming and outgoing calls across device groups or on specific devices
  • Import feature for large whitelists or blacklists
  • Group blocking of phone numbers and long distance exchanges
  • Configure device and server notifications for blocked calls

Remote Actions 

Remotely lock or wipe the entire device, removing all data and settings back to factory default in real time if it is lost or stolen.

  • Remotely unlock or reset device passwords for users who have forgotten them
  • Remotely restart devices for troubleshooting purposes.

Device LockDown Policy 

Configurable LockDown Policies allow administrators to block use of the operating system

  • Replace the device home screen with a customizable screen that limits users to select applications only.
  • Decrease downtime and minimizes unauthorized use of corporate devices.
  • Detect compromised or rooted Android devices and immediately force remote security actions to prohibit access to the corporate network or data.
  • If a device is lost or stolen, administrators can remotely lock the device, forcing the user to enter a correct password to gain access.

Active Directory Integration 

  • Ensure corporate access is reserved for privileged employees by prompting users to enter usernames and passwords prior to enrolling.
  • Custom authentication policies force end- users to meet configurable strong password requirements to protect device access and even trigger a device data wipe after an administrator- specified amount of failed password attempts.

File Encryption 

Administrators can enforce Full Device Encryption including SD card on managed Samsung Android devices. Encrypt sensitive corporate data to meet the strictest security standards.

Detect Rooted Devices 

Detect unsecured device status to take immediate action such as block/wipe corporate email, remove from corporate network, etc.

Location Based Services / Geofencing

MobiControl's Location Services functionality provides the ability to locate, track and gather information of your GPS enabled devices, no matter where they are in the world. 

Whether you need to confirm the current location of a particular mobile device or collect historical information on the movement of a group of devices in order to analyze performance, MobiControl's Location Services can help. MobiControl's Location Services is included annually per GPS enabled device that you wish to track. Please contact the SOTI sales team ( ) for more information. How does it work? The GPS receiver on mobile devices transmits location data up to the MobiControl server, where it is processed and stored. Administrators running the MobiControl Management Console can then track and locate the devices graphically on a map. Devices can be tracked and mapped in real-time, or their historical movements can be charted. Data collection settings can be modified from the Management Console to control certain aspects of how information is collected from the GPS receiver. 

Geofencing enhances Location Services by allowing you to monitor your mobile devices and the workers that use them with Geofence Alerts. With Geofencing, defined actions are executed automatically when devices enter or exit pre-specified geofenced areas. You can also retrieve the postal address of any device's current location, send driving directions to the mobile device from the helpdesk and access live traffic condition reporting.

Secure Content Library

Securely distribute and manage access to corporate documents and resources. 

  • Upload files to devices and specify destination folder on device
  • Manage any file format supported by the device
  • Manage file versioning on the device
  • Configure on demand and push delivery for file synchronization

Telecom Expense Management

Set up group and individual voice and data profiles to easily monitor mobile data and voice usage limits.

Mobile Application Management

Deploy enterprise and Market applications securely through a private and Application catalog. 

  • Ensure all your latest Android devices have up-to-date Enterprise or Market applications while preventing the use or installation of unauthorized applications.
  • Enable, disable or simply remove any application including those preloaded on to the device such as YouTube.
  • Monitor installed applications
  • Manage application security with certificate installations and the ability to wipe application data.

Certificate Management

Add, renew, revoke and deliver authentication certificates from a certificate authority to managed devices.

Mobile Email Management

SOTI’s Mobile Email Management (MEM) solution delivers complete security for corporate and employee-owned devices. 

  • Configure advanced compliance policies to manage user credentials.
  • Prevent data breaches by allowing, removing or blocking mobile devices accessing the network.
  • End users access corporate email according to corporate policies, all within the native MS Exchange application preloaded on the device.
  • Configure authorized device connections to MS Exchange Servers.
  • Configure device side MS Exchange settings such as email addresses, passwords, SSL certificates, email notification types and sync intervals.

Use Nitrodesk Touchdown to Configure and manage a secure Corporate email sandbox on Android Devices.

  • The Touchdown Email sandbox can be set up, managed, and removed by the MobiControl administrator to ensure corporate email is in the right hands at all times.
  • Businesses can configure end user corporate email access and settings whilst monitoring policy compliance.
  • Robust way of securing corporate email on Android devices.
  • A seamless and easy to use MS Exchange email client.

Asset Management

Collect and store important device information for reporting purposes. 

  • Enroll, provision and configure one or many devices simultaneously over the air.
  • Manage device inventory individually or by dynamic groups and communicate to end users proactively.
  • Access a wealth of live device information such as Device ID, Carrier, Phone Number, Signal strength, Battery status, Memory (and many more) for live display, report, or auditing purposes.
  • The MobiControl Dashboard provides managers with a quick and interactive overview of mobile asset status and system health in graphical displays.
  • Monitor the mobile fleet and communicate effectively using Android's native messaging system or MobiControl’s built in Messaging Service.
  • Wireless Device Configuration

Data Collection

Collect and store important device information for reporting purposes. 

MobiControl can collect vital device attributes such as battery status, cellular signal strength, memory, location, and MAC address, to be stored in the database for future auditing.

File Synchronization

Manage device files and folders over the air. 

  • MobiControl can synchronize files and folders between devices and servers on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.
  • Equip employees with up to date corporate resources with special read and write to device storage privileges


MobiControl proactively alerts console administrators on both server- side and device -side events. 

  • Configure custom alerts
  • MobiControl automatically triggers a notification advising of specific happenings.
    • Device events such as devices connecting/disconnecting from the deployment server, device is roaming, feature not supported, user rejected Terms and conditions, etc.
    • Device status and custom data
    • Geofence alert
  • MobiControl will throw an alert to ensure the administrator is aware of important performance and security concerns


Advanced Data Collection gives you the power to specify data that you want to collect, analyze and report on. Whether it is information on battery status, GPS location, WiFi signal strength or any other type of data, MobiControl enables you to optimize your operations based on the statistics that matter to you. 

MobiControl's advanced reporting engine can then be used to pull detailed information about all aspects of system operation and the status of software / data deployments. Users can choose from the set of standard reports included with the product, or can customize and create new reports to deliver real-time statistics about mobile devices deployed in the field.

Terms and Conditions

Standardize and enforce an acceptable use policy, and bring your mobile workforce in alignment with your corporate IT strategy. 

  • Create custom Terms and Conditions pages on the MobiControl deployment server for device enrollment
  • Enforce acceptance of Terms and Conditions to enroll the device with MobiControl